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The 10 best zombie games you can play right now

Resident Evil 2 Remake was met with thunderous applause when it released early this year. It captures all the best features of the original — including alternate playthroughs — and dragged it kicking and screaming into the current generation of consoles. You can check out our Resident Evil 2 Remake guide here for all your completionist needs. There are other Resident Evil classics we could cover, but as this is the latest entry, it feels the most relevant. Zombies are no strangers to the Call of Duty franchise, but Black Ops 4 handled them in an all-new way.

In Blackout, Zombies will spawn all over the map and present an extra challenge to players as you try to avoid both them and your opponents in a proper PvPvE battle. Of course, you could also lure them towards an enemy and watch them do the hard work for you.

Killing Floor 2 is one of the few FPS zombie games on this list, where you fight against waves of Zeds either alone or in a team of six players.

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You can pick from a wide variety of classes and skills, as well as four difficulty modes, ranging from Normal to the aptly named Hell on Earth. You can also play as Zeds and hunt down mercenary opponents a la Left 4 Dead. If you prefer an FPS over third-person shooter, Killing Floor 2 offers a better experience than the likes of WWZ, with just as impressive and overwhelming hordes of enemies. There are also regular and seasonal updates that come with some pretty scary looking skins and items. State of Decay 2 is an open-world zombie RPG that comes with quite an aggressive permadeath system.

A multiplayer mode was also introduced to State of Decay 2 where you pals can help you defend your settlement and scavenge for loot. Sharing dirty needles is no joke, kids. Much like hardcore modes found in the likes of Fallout: New Vegas, drinking dirty water is going to make you very sick, so try your best not to.

You will also experience the real effects of bloodloss if you are injured, such as deterioration of vision and becoming unconscious. Some planned features for the future include long-distance radio towers to allow players to communicate more broadly as well as better base building with security systems to protect their worldly goods. The latest expansion, Heartlands, is available now.

This co-op zombie shooter comprises of five campaigns, each with around three to five smaller levels to complete. The aim is to plough your way through waves of The Infected to reach safe zones, which is much easier than it looks. There are different classes to choose from for each mode, and while there is a decent story, the online co-op modes are what the series is best known for. You can play in Survival and Scavenge modes, which involve trying to survive for as long as possible and looking for fuel canisters in order to repel The Infected. It also means that the Witch is definitely going to kick your arse to the curb.

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Left 4 Dead 2 set the bar high for future zombie games and few have ever reached the gold-tier standard of its co-op multiplayer. The developers behind Left 4 Dead have announced a new co-op zombie shooter called Back 4 Blood, which we are eagerly awaiting more news about. And there you have it: our list of the best zombie games. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Days Gone. Dying Light 2. Resident Evil 2. In spite of the ceaseless crowds of the undead remaining in his direction, and despite the fact that the bosses are indistinguishable from those in the first Dead Rising, the confounding assortment of weapons accessible will make smashing through guts and flesh through all the trouble, absolutely justifiable.

And Other More Versions Are here. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is the exemplary expansion of the mighty repulsive zombie arrangement of all circumstances — The Resident Evil series. It simply does not get better as you get to be a part of the biggest zombie apocalypse where zombies lay siege to the Raccoon City.

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At every turn, there would be an insane twist and it would get crazier as the game goes on. The game comes in an episodic format, with the episodes being released in a timely manner. The game contains more than one conclusion. Some of the salient features of the game include the introduction of the newest type of zombies — The mindless ones. With a much enjoyable Raid Mode available, this game is sure to keep you hooked and give you an enjoyable experience. The game brings your worst fears to life as you enter the world of zombies and experience fear for what it truly is.

The game allows you the real world experience of blood and death in its live-action play. The animations of the game are of its own class supported by a customized technology engine five. The game opens with a scene of a mass murder with Detective Sebastian and his team investigating the evidence and trails, oblivious to the ruthless zombies behind the merciless killings.

It is good to give credit where credit is due and credit is what the Call of Duty franchise deserves for indulging as far as they have in zombie modes. The few zombie modes have led to a full-fledged gaming staple known as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies. This might sound a little weird, but zombies might be a good reason for a group of people to team up and blow some zombies to smithereens! A compelling story on about a Zombieland apocalypse, set in the supernatural zone-, the gamer can play the hero to save the world within 7 days and prove himself successful, The upgrade made by the makers by elevating the game from a personal computer to an Xbox platform has worked wonders.

You are tasked with exploring the entire world, either alone or alongside friends and build weapons, tools and shelter against the horrors of the infected wildlife, reanimated dead, and even the planet itself. Will you be able to survive this level of large-scale horrors and terrors?

Moreover, will the fight against the grueling undead be worth all the trouble? Quite evident from the name itself, you are up against, not one, not two, but an army of the undead. The scene is set in the midst of World War 2 in , where the Nazi attacks were taking place. Hitler is concealing himself inside his Bunker as Berlin is being blown up by the enemy. This causes the dead army of soldiers to rise up as Zombies. However, it is learned three pieces of the relic are required to make it work.

This would make it impossible for Hitler to win the war. However, are you capable of making it through the carnage, alive? One of the most intriguing features of this game is that you do not need to be on the opposing team against the zombies to win. You can become a zombie yourself and play as a member of the zombie army. This makes this game a favorite amongst all the zombie games released.

For Marcus, it was a sudden end. Nobody knew why he was investigating a peculiar radio signal in the darkest of nights, searching the ruins that were located in close proximity to a horde of restless zombie.

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  • He snuck inside in search of the source, trying desperately not to be noticed by the horde; but all it took was one tiny slip. He tried his best to get away from the clutches of the horde that clawed mercilessly at his flesh and make it over the crumbling wall. But fell to his feet and was torn to pieces by the creatures who found their way to him. Maya met a similar fate. She made the terrible mistake of continuing the menacing mission without any backup weapon, which ultimately cost her life.

    Maya was ripped apart by the hungry army as soon as her machete was shattered trying to hold back the walking undead. Her impressive combat skills were no match in front of the humongous army. By now, you must have realized that the State of Decay is not your quintessential zombie video game.

    No tricks or shortcuts, no superpowers or ultimate weapons to destroy the army of the dead. There are no checkpoints to rectify your mistakes in the game. Death is irreversible in this game. Even if it requires the introduction of new survivors to carry on the game. You will have to work on more than one situation simultaneously, where you have to keep the group stocked with resources and food, as well as maintain your progress in the story. Some of the missions are available for a limited time causing you to prioritize the crucial tasks.

    The game brings the characters to life. Each time you perform an activity using a character, they level up in terms of stamina, combat, shooting, and leadership. They may get tired or hurt requiring enough resources to take rest and heal.

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    You will want the best characters out on the field, but the more they fight the weaker they become, thereby elevating their chances of death. Similarly, there a large number of factors to consider during this game. State of Decay promises to give you a highly realistic experience of zombies, something I am sure that you will stay glued to.

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    Get your lazy butt off your bed, pick up a gun and start shooting some zombies right in the head! Your email address will not be published. Board games are nostalgic to the humans who were born in the 90s and before. Whenever some….