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He isss a disssgrace to usss Bangaa. Who in their right mind would enter an engagement fearing a simple KO, kupo? I've been KO'ed myself many times without complaining!

Phoenix, wiping away the tears now growing in his eyes, took a swig of the ale that was sitting next to him, completely ignored during the retelling of this event. All three were watching the Sniper, she was wearing Sniper garments, as she ordered a drink from the pub master and sat herself down at a table all by herself. Phoenix grinned.

Remember what happened the lassst time you tried to hit on a Viera? In the time that Phoenix and Yuwain had this conversation, the pub master had already served the Viera her drink, and so she was sipping it while eyeing Phoenix with a look of caution and subtle distaste.

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The Viera sighed. Phoenix quickly scurried away, feeling rather defeated. Making his way back to his friends, he glared as they snickered at him. It's a kupopo bargain! I know for certain you can help me, because she likes humans quite a bit, kupo. Phoenix rolled his eyes, spit into his hand, and then re-offered it.

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This time, Mack accepted it with his own spit-laden hand. It says that it can help you get a kupo Viera with no stress at all! And so they walked out of the pub to their lodgings for the night. However, there was one little disclaimer that Mackenroe had overlooked…. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance. A Human Soldier wants to hit on a Viera he sees in a pub. To make his hitting easier, he summons the help of a handguide That's one fine-looking Viera that just came in!

He'sss not kidding! She IS good looking…" All three were watching the Sniper, she was wearing Sniper garments, as she ordered a drink from the pub master and sat herself down at a table all by herself.

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After a few short strides, Phoenix was standing behind an empty chair next to the Viera. This caught Phoenix offguard. But did you lisssten? Nooooooooo…" More laughter. Mack looked offended by the gesture. Don't you think this momentous deal deserves the kupo rites of a spit handshake? What's it called, then? However, there was one little disclaimer that Mackenroe had overlooked… "Warning: use of these steps may cause the user to fall in love with the target. The Book 2.

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Step One 3. Step Two 4. The German offensive was launched on 17 August, just three days before the French offensive was scheduled to start. In reality, this was a Bulgarian offensive, as the Austro-Hungarian Army was in Albania and only one German division was on the Greek border. The Bulgarians attacked on two fronts.

In the east, they easily conquered all Greek territory east of the river Struma see Struma Offensive , since the Greek Army was ordered not to resist by the pro-German King Constantine. In the west, the attack achieved early success thanks to surprise but the Allied forces held a defensive line after two weeks. Having halted the Bulgarian offensive, the Allies staged a counter-attack starting on 12 September Battle of Kaymakchalan.

Slow advances by the Allies continued throughout October and on into November, even as the weather turned very cold and snow fell on the hills.

Macedonian Front - Wikipedia

The Allies suffered c. The unopposed Bulgarian advance into Greek-held eastern Macedonia precipitated a crisis in Greece. The royalist government ordered its troops in the area the demobilised IV Corps not to resist and to retreat to the port of Kavala for evacuation, but no naval vessels turned up to permit the evacuation to take place. The surrender of territory recently won with difficulty in the Second Balkan War of was the last straw for many Venizelist army officers.

With Allied assistance, they launched a coup which secured Thessaloniki and most of Greek Macedonia for Venizelos. From that point Greece had two governments: At the same time, the Italians had deployed more forces to Albania and these new troops managed to push the Austrian corps back through very hilly country south of Lake Ostrovo.

Ζήτω Η Αυστραλία! – History of the Australians at Vevi

An offensive was planned for late April but the initial attack failed with major losses and the offensive was called off on 21 May. After an attempt to occupy Athens by force, that caused the reaction of the local royalist forces and ended in an fiasco in December see Noemvriana , the Allies established a naval blockade around southern Greece which was still loyal to king Constantine, causing extreme hardship to the people in those areas.

Six months later in June, the Venizelists presented an ultimatum, resulting in the exile of the Greek king on 14 June, his son Alexander became king and the reunification of the country under Venizelos. The new government immediately declared war on the Central Powers and created a new Army. On 30 May , the Allies launched an offensive on the heavily fortified Skra salient, commencing the battle of Skra-di-Legen. The battle marked the first major Greek action on the Allied side in the war. Greek casualties amounted to — killed in action, — missing in action and 1,—2, wounded, France lost approximately men killed or injured.

A total of 1, soldiers of the Central Powers became prisoners of war, including a small number of German engineers and artillery specialists that served in Bulgarian units; considerable amounts of military equipment also fell into Entente hands. The plan for a Bulgarian counterattack against Skra remained unfulfilled as the Bulgarian soldiers refused to take part in the operation.

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Both the Greek and the French press used the opportunity to extol the efforts of the Greek army, favourably influencing the Greek mobilisation. Aleksandar Malinov who assumed office immediately afterwards pursued secret negotiations with Britain, offering Bulgaria's exit from the war with the condition that Bulgaria fully retain eastern Macedonia. However, British prime minister David Lloyd George rejected the proposal, assuring the Greek ambassador in London Ioannis Gennadius , that Britain would not act against Greek interests.

Although d'Esperey urged an attack on the Bulgarian Army, the French government refused to allow an offensive unless all the countries agreed. General Guillaumat, no longer needed in France, travelled from London to Rome , trying to win approval for an attack. Finally in September, agreement was reached and d'Esperey was allowed to launch his grand offensive. The Allied forces were now very large, despite the Russians being obliged to cease their participation due to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March Not only did the Entente have the Greek army fully on their side 9 divisions strong , but they also had some 6, men from the Czechoslovak Legion , who had been evacuated from Russia and sailed around the world, ready to fight the Austro-Hungarians.

The Bulgarians had also increased their army during and in total manpower, the two sides were roughly equal Allied battalions vs. The Allies were certain of their impending victory, while the Bulgarians could see the war was lost. The preparatory artillery bombardment of enemy positions for the Battle of Dobro Pole began on 14 September.

In the official British government history of the Macedonian campaign, Cyril Falls wrote a detailed analysis of the situation of the Bulgarian forces and the situation of the front. Although a breakthrough was achieved at Dobro Pole and the allied forces continued their advance, the Bulgarian army was not routed and managed an orderly retreat. By 29 September a day before Bulgaria exited World War I , Skopje fell but a strong Bulgarian and German force had been ordered to try and retake it the next day; the number of Bulgarian prisoners-of-war in allied hands around that day was only 15, Another major factor contributed to the Bulgarian request for an armistice.

On 27 September, leaders of the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union took control of these troops and proclaimed the overthrow of the monarchy and a Bulgarian republic. About 4,—5, rebellious troops threatened Sofia the next day. Under those chaotic circumstances a Bulgarian delegation arrived in Thessaloniki to ask for an armistice. The Macedonian front was brought to an end at noon on 30 September when the ceasefire came into effect. The Soldiers' Uprising was finally put down by 2 October. Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria abdicated and went into exile on 3 October. The British Army neared Constantinople and with no serious Ottoman forces to stop it and the Ottoman government asked for an armistice the Armistice of Mudros on 26 October; Enver Pasha and his partners had fled several days earlier to Berlin.

He seemed colder than Winter itself, but he was merely a lonely soul yearning for the comfort of a f Avery and Leah loved Marvel more than the average person. They watched movies, has marathons and dreamt of one day meeting the actors who put their favourite characters into action. The girls weren't expecting their typical movie night to begin their wildest adventure until they were enlightened with the fact that tim She refused to join the X-men, she hated herself, she couldn't control her power.

That is until one eventful day that ended in tragedy, she is found and taken to S. D where she is No matter how hard it is. Civil War fan fic Some mature content language. I won't be the one picked.

I'm just a kid from Brooklyn. You're a kid from Brooklyn with a heart larger than most men.

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