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Chapters 30–35

Flying Feet. When Charlie hears that special buzz in his head, he knows it means one thing: an idea for a new invention. Then the Zigzag afternoon center organizes a Come as a Character Day, and Charlie gets his chance to shine. Big Whopper. The author of the beloved Kids of the Polk Street School series introduces a new generation of readers to a multicultural group of kids who enjoy all the activities of an after-school center. Everyone writes their discoveries on a big sheet of paper in the hallway. Before she knows it, Destiny has told a BIG whopper. Destiny has to find a way out of the whopper.

In the end, she makes the best discovery of all. In this delightful new series, award-winning author Patricia Reilly Giff introduces readers to a quirky, lovable group of kids, capturing all the excitement and surprises of new friends and after-school fun. Number One Kid. But Mitchell is worried. Share: Share on Facebook. Zigzag Kids Series: Related Titles. About Patricia Reilly Giff. More about Patricia Reilly Giff. As Edgar investigates he looks to Max to help him work out what is going on and their friendship is rekindled.

There was a delightful old school feel to the prose, very different from the Galloway novels — Christie-esque in style to suit the era, despite the violence it is quite a gentle read. The glamorous and the less glamourous side merge to give a realistic feeling to it all, you can almost imagine yourself right there. The back story involving the Magic Men during the war is evocative and intriguing as well — and the mystery element is well imagined as the author brings the two strands together to paint a full picture.

This is definitely one of my favourite mystery novels of the year so far, clever misdirection, a very enchanting look at the world of magic and a captivating and compelling story means that this definitely comes Highly Recommended from me. Feb 25, Brenda rated it liked it.

This book is a departure from the Ruth Galloway series and starts a new series. When a case involves a victim who was cut into thirds ala a magic trick called The Zig Zag Girl, Edgar contacts Max Mephisto, a fellow member of the Magic Men who had invented the magic trick. This was an enjoyable book, but I think not of the same caliber as the Ruth Galloway books. This book didn't grab This book is a departure from the Ruth Galloway series and starts a new series.

This book didn't grab me, but took my hand and walked me inside. It took its time introducing the members of the Magic Men and how they'd fared since the war. It didn't race to the conclusion, but strolled along to reveal the who and why. There is a second book to this series, which I will read, but I don't know if it goes any further. Have you heard of Milton Berle? People need to watch magicians up close.

Another member of the group, Tony Mulholland, is also performing on the variety circuit as a comedian, and when Edgar finds his body in the wardrobe of his boarding house, stabbed with a sword, he and Max wonder if the group is being targeted. I had mixed views on this one. For much of the book Edgar is in turmoil over the loss of his wartime lover, Charis, and his brother the favoured son killed at Dunkirk, leading to a strained relationship with his mother.

I had the killer pegged half way through. That pleasure awaits in other books in the series, which I enjoyed more. I am a bit late in coming to the table to read this one. But I am glad I got around finally to reading it, or should I say "listening" to it as I listened to it on Audio today. I was lucky enough to get this from Quercus Books via Net Galley, but seeing as I have it on audio I decided to listen to this today whilst doing other chores.

We have Edgar, who is the DI. And Max the magician. Both of them know each other from a past that later comes to light as Edgar is reporting back to his Sergeant. I I am a bit late in coming to the table to read this one.

Zigzag(Tamil) - Asha Nehemiah Part-1- 10th standard unit-2 Prose.

Its based around the seaside town of Brighton, where we are not far from Eastbourne and surrounding areas. So a resort where there are Theatre's and such and boarding homes where actresses and actors and those on the stage could be 'put up' for the duration of they're stay there while preforming. A body is found. But its an usual case because this body comes in three parts, and each is inside a box. These boxes remind Edgar of a trick, where they lay a person inside and they are split, then knives are put between the splits appearing that the person has been chopped into three parts.

Except, this is no usual magicians trick box, the middle one that holds the torso is slightly bigger than the rest, what is the reason for this? Well, you will need to find out. The woman who is pretty in appearance even though dead Max the magician is not happy to be involved with the Police, but he is happy to chat to his old friend Edgar who wants to ask him questions.

Edgar goes to a show, watches the 'turns' and then his friend Max preforms his 'turn'. After the show Edgar goes backstage, its not the brightest place to be, its dusty, its hectic, girls rushing around in their feathered costumes and it can appear to be manic. Then he spies his friend Max, so he and him share a whisky together. He is surprised that Max has a dressing room all to himself as others have to share, but Max is well known, and Max is not humble enough to keep quiet about that!

Edgar fishes around and asks Max about some of the magic acts, at first Max isn't wanting to reveal anything. But then he does. One thought comes into Edgars mind, why hasn't Max got a female working for him in the act. It was a very interesting case unfolding as I read. You need to remember its around the turn of the s when the TV is just about becoming popular and peoples tastes in being entertained are changing.

This reminded me of an afternoon show, a whodunnit and why. Fast paced at first, halfway was good but did dip a little, however the ending was good and well worth keeping with. All in all, a very enjoyable plot and forward moving story. Dec 12, Marianne rated it it was amazing. Brighton, England, the young woman had been sawn in three; the parts, contained in black wooden boxes fastened with brass clips, were discovered in the Left Luggage room of the railway station. Witness descriptions are vague, but several aspects of the case cause DI Edgar Stephens, lead investigator, to travel to Eastbourne to seek out Max Mephisto, magician.

Their association began in Inverness during the war, when they were part of a Secret Service team, the Magic Men, but a tragic event had seen the end of team, and their involvement. In keeping with the magic trick theme, Griffiths cleverly divides her novel into four parts, aptly titled: The Build-Up, Misdirection, Raising the Stakes and The Reveal. She uses two narrators, Edgar and Max, to convey different parts of the story as well as to give different perspectives on events.

The immediate post-war era ensures the absence of mobile phones, internet, DNA and even many personal vehicles; thus the detective work relies on heavily on legwork, personal visits and intelligent deduction. Griffiths gives the reader characters that are real and flawed; some are vain and selfish; others distracted by misdirection and convinced by illusion. Her plot is clever and original and has a few twists that even the most astute reader may fail to anticipate. The atmosphere of post-war Britain is skilfully evoked with description, dialogue and the attitudes common at the time.

This is an excellent murder mystery from the author of the Ruth Galloway crime novels, and fans will not be disappointed.

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I couldn't get into the characters at all not that I still didn't turn the pages but it just didn't do anything for me I have read a few Ruth Galloway books in Miss Griffiths other series I found much better not sure if I want to read the second one in this series 3 stars. View 2 comments. It also brings to mind his friend, the magician Max Mephisto, with whom he served during the war. The two of them were part of a secret unit called The Magic Men.

Max who is still performing on the variety show circuit and Max is initially reluctant but changes his mind when his former stage assistant is the victim. Another death also staged to The body of a young woman cut in three, reminds DI Edgar Stephens of a magic trick called the Zig Zag girl. Another death also staged to resemble a magic trick has both Edgar and Max keen to unmask the culprit.

They start to suspect the answer lies back in the World War 2 army days and the association with the Magic Men. A letter warning of another trick places lives in danger.

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Can they find the murderer before the latest trap captures its victim? This is the second book I have read in this series. The other was book 3. It was interesting then to go back to the beginning and read this first one where Max and Edgar reconnect. I liked the contrast between Edgar and Max, as well as the inclusion and emphasis on magic tricks or illusions. I have enjoyed both the books in this series more than the few I have read in the Ruth Galloway series. But I suspect I also like these characters more. From early on I had my thoughts about who the murderer was and despite some red herrings never deviated from it.

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The fact that I guessed did not affect my enjoyment of the story at all The plot is cleverly handled. The characters are flawed but very human, each with their own individual quirks. I like the interplay between them.

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I also liked the Brighton setting and found the book to be an entertaining read that kept me turning the pages. When the body of a young girl is found, DI Stephens is immediately reminded of a magic trick gone wrong. DI Stephens calls in the help of his old friend, Max Mephisto, with whom he served in the war.

Max is reluctant to help until it turns out the dead girl was known to him. When another body turns up, Stephens and Mephisto become convinced that the answer is to be found in their army days. But can they stop the killer before they strike again? The atmosphere, the fantastic setting and the fabulously colourful and sometimes quirky characters had me completely enthralled.

No smartphones, no computers, no databases. All he has is his wit and his gut instinct and nobody bats an eyelid when he pulls in an amateur to help out with his investigation. Dec 03, Shelleyrae at Book'd Out rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-are , netgalley-reviews. Elly Griffiths popular Ruth Galloway series has been on my to-read list for sometime but I've been loathe to start a new series given my current reading commitments.

I pounced then on the opportunity to read her first stand alone, The Zig Zag Girl. When the head and legs of a young woman are discovered in two black cases at Brighton train station, Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens doesn't have to wait long to discover the whereabouts of her torso when a third box is delivered to him at work.

Cur Elly Griffiths popular Ruth Galloway series has been on my to-read list for sometime but I've been loathe to start a new series given my current reading commitments. Curiously the box is addressed using his military rank, Captain, and the state of the woman's body reminds Edgar of a magician's trick, known as the Zig Zag Girl, performed by an old army buddy, Max Mephisto. Assuming the coincidence is unlikely, especially when the girl is identified as Max's pre-war stage assistant, Edgar tracks down Max, a popular theater magician and then the rest of the men he served with, a group known as the 'Magic Men' - recruited for a top secret special assignment during World War II.

After another death, another gruesome magic trick gone awry, Edgar realises that the Magic Men are being targeted and he must race to unmask the killer before they perform their final deadly trick. The Zig Zag Girl is set largely in Brighton, England during the 's and Griffiths skilfully evokes the post war era and the shabbiness of the neglected seaside town. Griffiths is said to have drawn on her own family history - her grandfather was a music hall comedian and her mother grew up 'backstage' - to authentically recreate the variety theater scene of the time.

Edgar is a likeable character, a little reserved and weary but thoughtful and steadfast. Max is more flamboyant, befitting a magician, and the two make a good team. The world of the theater allows Griffiths to introduce some additional colourful characters, and the 'Magic Men' are a quirky lot too.

The mystery is well thought out, using several red herrings to distract the reader from identifying the murderer too quickly. A little humour and a touch of romance lighten the more gruesome criminal elements of the story, and the background of the Magic Men provides added interest. Jul 04, Emma rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , mystery , crime. I really enjoyed the setting and time period, just after WWII. It was interesting to learn about the tricks and illusions used by the Allies and Germany to trick them into thinking they had more men and weapons than they really did.

I really enjoyed the setting of this historical mystery. It's set in the British seaside town of Brighton in post World War II, and the main characters are a policeman and his wartime friend, a performing magician. We get a fascinating glimpse of the variety show world in the times when TV was just about to take over entertainment.

That's what really helped to set this apart from other historical mysteries. I did have my suspicions about the murderer quite early on, but there was plenty of doubt I really enjoyed the setting of this historical mystery. I did have my suspicions about the murderer quite early on, but there was plenty of doubt to keep me questioning, so the mystery was satisfying enough. I always find that it's being able to invest in the characters that really makes a mystery for me, and that was definitely the case here.

I found myself growing quite attached to the policeman and his magician friend. Ultimately, I cared what was going to happen to them, and that's what will bring me back to the series again in the future.

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Feb 06, Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook , mystery , series , favourites , netgalleyreaders , horror-thriller , multi-character , english , historical. The Zig Zag Girl starts out a little gruesome. The way the body is presented reminds Edgar of a magic trick and he elicits the help of his friend, the famous magician Max Mephisto. I love this time period. It was such an interesting period of history where the war really was affecting everyone across the globe and so many men and women were obviously suffering PTSD. The method the murderer used was original and I really enjoyed that aspect of the book, despite my squeamishness about it at times.

In fact, I think the reader was meant to guess the killer and these other couple of reveals were the actual gasp-out-loud moments. I always read the Ruth books for the characters more than the mystery plot, however. Happily, I fell instantly in love with Edgar. The course focuses on the fundamentals of coaching and lifesaving sport skills in the pool.

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