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Instruments must withstand those fluctuations and generate enough energy to sustain it during the long night. Yutu conquered those challenges and, after initial setbacks, ultimately surveyed the moon's surface for 31 months. Its success provided a major boost to China's space programme.

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Beijing is planning to send another lunar lander, Chang'e-5, next year to collect samples and bring them back to earth. It is among a slew of ambitious Chinese targets, which include a reusable launcher by , a super-powerful rocket capable of delivering payloads heavier than those NASA and private rocket firm SpaceX can handle a moon base, a permanently crewed space station, and a Mars rover.

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China has successfully launched mission Chang'e-4 lunar probe to become a superpower.

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  4. To get more updates on Current Affairs, send in your query by mail to education. China launches the first ever space rover to explore the dark side of the moon China has successfully launched mission Chang'e-4 lunar probe to become a superpower.

    China successfully launches satellite to explore dark side of Moon

    About the Chang'e-4 mission The successful launch marked the start of a long journey to the far side of the moon for the Chang'e-4 mission, which is expected to land around the New Year to carry out experiments and explore the untrodden terrain. Chang'e-4 will be the second Chinese probe to land on the moon, following the Yutu "Jade Rabbit" rover mission in This Asian moon race has gained momentum with China, India and Israel, all joining the big marathon. India is planning to send its Chandrayaan-2, its second mission to the moon, which is a Rs crore satellite, along with an orbitter, lander and a rover, early in India is also attempting to land on the near side, but on the South Pole, a feat no other nation has ever attempted.

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    Home World. The landing is the latest step for China in its race to catch up with Russia and the United States and become a major space power by Beijing plans to launch construction of its own manned space station next year.

    While China has insisted its ambitions are purely peaceful, the U. Defense Department has accused it of pursuing activities aiming to prevent other nations from using space-based assets during a crisis. Besides its civilian ambitions, China has tested anti-satellite missiles and the U. Congress has banned NASA from two-way cooperation with its Chinese counterpart over security concerns.