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When he decided to be an engineer he had to leave behind his love for writing and follow a different path. But now after achieving his desired career he has returned back to writing. He loves and enjoys writing about spirituality. According to him spirituality is his basic quest. The God Factor for Success and Contentment is a result of this quest. He wishes to inspire his students on the path of spirituality.

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Short stories used in this book are diverse and helps readers to get along with the content. With this book Nitin focuses on the new way of thinking the same things that happen with us. The spirituality in this book does motivate his readers. Writing style of Author is impressive and holds the attention of readers. Language is simple yet lucid.

Ideas and stories used by author inspire us to think beyond our limited and restricted thoughts. All the stories and life situations are relatable and thus attracts readers. Cover is beautiful and appropriate with the content of the book. I would recommend this book to readers who want to read inspiring yet interesting book.

Oct 10, Yogesh Parewa rated it really liked it. The book is very interesting and it forces you to think and question many things. The language is simple and relatable. The content flows in a smooth way from chapter to chapter. The book focuses on introspection and appeals to strike a balance between work and rest, so as to be in a proper state of self attainment. The readers will be able to find trueness in the ideas discussed by the author. Highlight: The book forces you to think and form your own opinion about your problems, it provides a deeper insight about life.

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Contentment vs. Comparison

Honestly speaking this is the best I read. The story has moral to it. It gives a lesson It will guide you and help u for achieving success. Will take you on the right path. It gives few wonderful insights. There are things that I would really want to adapt from this book. It's definite and concise.

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That's what I liked the most about this book. The writing style gives a calm and serene feeling. Drawbacks that let down the book - The story is short , i felt if the author has added more story into it rather than focusing on the spiritual part. Nov 16, Mohit Goyal rated it really liked it. What an Eye Opener Novel.. I took Time to Read it.. But it was worth it! Do take some time out to read this Amazing Novel. Oct 23, Swati Sinha rated it really liked it. One of the best book Very inspiring book, especially for teenagers.. This is also a must buy book..!! Nov 02, Sayan Basak rated it really liked it.

It might happen that we have money, love, everything we desire. The reader gets a tinge of the struggles of live, the problems that we face, the solutions to it and finally the success and the failure. I think the author could have illustrated with few more inspirational and motivational examples. It was mind blowing. The plot, storyline, screenplay, characterization were up to the mark. Oct 27, Saranya Rajan rated it really liked it.

It contains lots of inspirational short tales as well as different motivational thoughts. It teaches its readers about how to remain happier and contented throughout his life span without losing the trust on god and hardwork. There are about 4chapters within the book, each chapter explains a different perception of life. Since man is an unsatisfied human being, he always seeks for acceptance from the society as well as he always have certain crave over something by satisfaction of one needs after other. But author tells us that, acceptance from society should never be a criterion in someone's lyf.

Since man always runs everywhere in the outer world in search of happiness and peace, the best part of this book is that, it teaches us where do we need to search and find happiness in our life. Quoting different illustrations and examples makes the read more lighter and easily understandable. The book definitely enhances a positive attitude in reader's mind towards life. By the end of story, you'll come to know that "Results are not everything as well as even the Search of god is also beautiful. So Read and Enjoy as it can even bring new rays of hopes in your life.

Definitely it will enlighten your life with positive thoughts. Nov 02, Suvidhi Jain rated it really liked it. Man is the most unsatisfied animal. His wants keep on increasing day after day. He acquires one thing and then immediately craves for another. Failing of which makes him sad. This in turn, affects his performance, his mental being and his health.

He tends to remain depressed. It tells you that it is not happiness you have to go after but contentment that you should discover.

If you follow this, you are sure to find yourself on the path of success Man is the most unsatisfied animal. If you follow this, you are sure to find yourself on the path of success. The author puts forward his ideas in the most comprehensible way.

He explains everything with the help of a story. These stories are written so well that you will remember them for days to come. Author makes you understand his ideas as a mother does to her child. You will feel attached to this book. This book teaches you a number of lessons mentioning of which will make this review a spoiler. I suggest you to read this book for your own good. I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. Jan 19, Bhoomi Nighat rated it really liked it. Jan 20, Naaz rated it really liked it. The examples here are new and out of the blue.

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Author Nitin Srivastava has chosen a very nice topic and his intriguing narration style has made it a perfect motivational read. The book is about the most important aspect of human life and that is God and how he can help to remain contented. Oct 07, Kim rated it it was amazing. This book forces you to have a sober reflection on life. It bows you down and causes you to rethink your priorities and life values.

What I learned from reading this book is the same thing Solomon realised about life. Vanity doesn't count. It introduces a priceless factor into the equation of good success-the God factor. I already knew of this but I haven't taken much thought to it. This book really opened my eyes to new depths and realm of thinking. This is a very priceless gift the author has p This book forces you to have a sober reflection on life. This is a very priceless gift the author has produced for the world and I recommend it for everybody.

Nov 19, Nabila Khan rated it liked it. Read it to get inspired. Jul 07, Cheshta Arora rated it it was amazing. So, I met this author through my facebook profile only.

Contentment vs. Comparison

Inspiring plot, Struggle, and Road to Success which is incomplete without failure is all about Nitin talks about in this wonderful novel. Life is full of difficulties. It teaches you different different ways to cope up with your life, it tells you how to stand like a wall. Author beautifully tells you that we must move ahead.

1. They give themselves a break.

One cannot get success without struggle. Struggle is the way, stairs through which one passes to reach to that ultim So, I met this author through my facebook profile only. As well as it teaches it readers how to remain happier and contented throughout our life. The first few pages of the table contain clear examples to guide the reader. Surprisingly comprehensive for such a short book, The Balanced Way could prove beneficial to anyone needing a nudge toward examining successes and failures in the ongoing effort to learn and grow. March 16, Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review.

The author of this book provided free copies of the book and paid a small fee to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer. Foreword Reviews and Clarion Reviews make no guarantee that the author will receive a positive review.

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Those with high-EQ play the long game. They understand that the difference between winning and losing is a state of mind. In business and in life, it can seem paradoxical to balance a commitment to excellence and contentment. It is possible to reconcile these concepts if we focus on contribution, growth, progress and gratitude. Being content is very different from being complacent. Focus on what is working and what can be improved. Set goals and recognize progress. This will create a greater sense of positivity and fulfillment.

There is a lot of truth in Einstein's famous quote, "Try not to be a person of success, but rather a person of value. It's counterintuitive, but by trying to do everything, you'll end up accomplishing nothing of substantial value.