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The Taste for Death in Shakespeare's Heroes "In Sophocles, Haemon killed himself at the tomb of Antigone, as does Romeo in the tomb of Juliet; but Sophocles does not show us this scene of love and death; gloomy vaults do not accord with ideas of love and marriage in Greek art. But in Romeo's case, on the contrary, the horror redoubles his ardour; he feels more impassioned, more enthusiastic, more loving, if I may dare to say so, not merely because this is the last time that he will contemplate Juliet's beauties, but because — am I deceived?

First Kiss -A Short Story

Note his words; he speaks with neither horror nor disgust -— of what? Thus did he picture Juliet, and never did he love her more fondly, no!

Romeo's Kiss (English & Chinese Subtitles)

Read on Juliet is just as struck with the mysterious man she has kissed as Romeo is with her. She comments to herself that if he is already married, she feels she will die 1.

Romeo and Juliet Summary and Analysis of Act 5

Overcome with anguish that she loves a Montague, Juliet follows her nurse from the hall. Romeo sees Juliet and forgets Rosaline entirely; Juliet meets Romeo and falls just as deeply in love. The meeting of Romeo and Juliet dominates the scene, and, with extraordinary language that captures both the excitement and wonder that the two protagonists feel, Shakespeare proves equal to the expectations he has set up by delaying the meeting for an entire act.

The first conversation between Romeo and Juliet is an extended Christian metaphor.

Facts about Romeo and Juliet

Using this metaphor, Romeo ingeniously manages to convince Juliet to let him kiss her. But the metaphor holds many further functions. The religious overtones of the conversation clearly imply that their love can be described only through the vocabulary of religion, that pure association with God.

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In this way, their love becomes associated with the purity and passion of the divine. But there is another side to this association of personal love and religion. In using religious language to describe their burgeoning feelings for each other, Romeo and Juliet tiptoe on the edge of blasphemy.

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Romeo compares Juliet to an image of a saint that should be revered, a role that Juliet is willing to play. Here it is also shown to have some conflict, at least theologically, with religion.

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    Romeo and Juliet by: William Shakespeare. Why are there sonnets in Romeo and Juliet? Summary Act 1, scene 5. Page 1 Page 2. Summary: Act 1, scene 5 In the great hall of the Capulets, all is a-bustle. Previous section Act 1, scene 4 Next page Act 1, scene 5 page 2.