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Theories and Practices of Development (Routledge Perspectives on Development)

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Indeed, spanning 32 chapters, with an introduction by Tally, this handbook has contributions from several established scholars in the realms of geography, comparative studies, and spatial theory. Dedicated to the late Edward Soja—author of the significant Thirdspace and a social theorist regularly cited in these articles—this handbook addresses literature and space from a variety of angles.

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Divided into five sections, each part contains at least six well-documented articles divided into the following areas: Spatial theory and practice; Critical methodologies; Work sites; Cities and the geography of urban experience; Maps, territories, readings. While it is hard to imagine that these handbooks are meant to be read from cover-to-cover, when doing so the reader is presented with both a historicized understanding of the impact of the spatial turn as well as the wide breadth into which space, place, and mapping has expanded.

And from that point, the field has blossomed into several diversified branches, many of which are touched upon in this handbook. By separating the articles into five compartments, Tally thereby provides some cohesion to approaching this now expansive field. In the rest of this review, I briefly summarize the five sections, noting what I see as important contributions to the discussion of space in literature, while also indicating areas that certain authors have highlighted for future exploration. Each chapter is mentioned briefly, separated from the previous chapter by a semicolon.

Touching on and resituating the theories of Henri Lefebvre, Walter Benjamin, Martin Heidegger, and Edward Soja, among others, these articles cover niche areas that have evolved, or not sufficiently evolved, over the last forty years. There is excellent material in this first section encouraging starting places for future research.

For instance, Marc Brosseau offers an overview of new perspectives in literary geography, touching on several branches of spatial studies, but he is keen to point out more than a few areas that warrant expansion. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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The Routledge Handbook of Latin American Development

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