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Either science is right or there is a spiritual realm. They can't both be true.

My mother used to always say that when you are dead, you are gone. I have carried that belief with me throughout life. But when she passed, it was just too much to process. To say I was overwhelmed with grief would be an understatement. However, I can't deny that I felt something. The night or night after she died can't remember I was crying so hard my body was shaking and suddenly I just felt this calm come over me, like she was there comforting me. I just felt soothed and was able to go to sleep. I also had a vivid day dream one day where I could imagine her there with me so clearly, it was distracting.

She was happy and wanting me to look at her, that she could walk again and go outside into the sun. I am an imaginative person though, so I don't believe that she was there - exactly, but it was nice. Also one night, a few weeks or so after she passed, I was in bed trying to sleep when suddenly I smelled peaches, quite strongly.

Like, it kind of freaked me out. I was sleeping in the basement, due to needing a really dark quiet place to sleep and believe me, there were no peaches around. Maybe it's because it was summer, and she sometimes liked to bake peach pies? There was also a really strange commotion with birds outside my house one day. Just so many birds, all around the tree right outside my window.

I've never seen so many birds all at once in that spot. I don't even know what kind they were, but I've never seen anything like it outside my window, before or after. Sometimes we get these signs, and try to make logic.. I'm not religious , only what I believe in my heart..

I don't think whoever it is he can stop illness or pain, but he can be there to wrap his arms around us when we pass.. I for one believe As I sit in heaven and watch you every day I try to let you know with signs I never went away I see you wish the days away , begging to have me home I found this in my mum's things right on the top It warms my heart and I like to think that there is someone watching over me I lost my gran,my best friend 8 years ago on Thursday 31st March.

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I absolutely adored her and I miss her so much. My consolation is that she buried in the graveyard in the village where I live and I drive past there every day. I can see where she rests from the road and when I drive past I give her a little nod. Her favourite birds were blue tits and robins and we had them etched on her grave stone.

My friend Sue reminds me very much of my gran in her mannerisms and her ways. I often tell her how much she reminds of her. Sue offered to attend my breast clinic appointment with me as she herself has suffered and come out the other side with breast cancer. Now a month ago, I found a lump in my breast. I had the torment of a two week wait before I attended breast clinic. Drove myself insane with worry. There was no telling me otherwise. Turns out the spring had gone as I drive past!

Or a sign from my gran? Imagine Sues surprise when I told her that the robin was one of my grans favourite birds! Life after death sometimes scares me because I don't actually know what's there so I forget about it altogether. This is until someone brings it up.

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The hardest time to forget it was when i was imformed that my mum had cancer. Skip to main content. Post to forum. Search Search forum. Do you have a cancer chat password? Yes, I have a password. Remember me. Sign in. I would be happy to receive news and updates from Cancer Chat. Create new account. Leave this field blank. It is b y attaining our soul. The soul is a desire above our egoistic, corporeal desires. That is, above our desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge, there is a small desire that asks about the meaning and purpose behind everything we experience: the meaning of life.

The full development of this point is considered the attainment of the soul. Attaining the soul is like feeling an additional life to our current one, a life that was hidden from us. When we attain contact with the soul, it becomes the center of our life. We reevaluate our current life and start relating to it on a completely different level. It is a spiritual informational gene, similar to DNA. When we die, we lose awareness of everything we sensed in our corporeal lives.

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However, does it mean that we lose it all? It is being passed on in the form of personality attributes. This explains why, in every new generation, children are better adapted to life than adults. For example, children are instinctively proficient with the latest technologies and gadgets, while the older generation finds them more complicated. In each successive generation, the will to receive undergoes an upgrade. If the will to receive fails to bring a person to spiritual development, then it shifts to a new stage, to another opportunity.

All the problems, pains and knowledge gradually accumulate from one generation to the next, toward the need for spiritual development. Through the wisdom of Kabbalah , we can gain access to the eternal and whole system of the soul, discover its inner power, and become its active part, revealing spirituality as a clear perception and sensation, and this is the purpose of our development.

Course is available for self-study and as live video classes. PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah. MSc in Medical Bio-Cybernetics. When the body dies, this informational part the Reshimo must connect with a new body in this world and start all over. Every person has a Reshimo , the particle from which we eventually develop a soul.

Out of our corporeal, egoistic desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge, we have a small particle of information that works inside this corporeal desire that urges us to build a soul. The more intensely this point in the heart awakens in us, the more we address our egoistic desire and seek out means where we can realize this desire. Eventually, we come across the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah , which teaches a methodological approach on how to build a soul.

If you attain the revelation of the soul—the smallest spiritual property, the smallest development of the soul from a point, its real existence—then when your body dies, you will continue perceiving your soul. This is because your soul will then have acquired volume and light spiritual force of love and bestowal inside it. It will then once again dress in another body, born by a woman, in order to attain all steps of its development while existing in this body, since this can only be done while being physically present in our world.

The body goes through renewal because its inner qualities are renewed.

Ready for afterlife? Here's a new way to prepare for life after death

These qualities cannot go through the change while in the same body, since a particular body is always the most suitable for realizing a particular set of qualities. Hell depends on how a person defines it. There are those who suppose that Hell is when everything that they had in this world disappears and they regret that life passed by without any benefit.

There are those who suppose that Hell is not here in this world, from an emotional point of view: good or bad, with all kinds of observations. Rather, it waits for us in the future, after the body dies. They think that after the body dies, Heaven or Hell awaits.

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In Kabbalah , Hell is the name given to the most undesirable spiritual state. Through progressing on the spiritual path using the method of Kabbalah , we strive to reach a state where values are changed so that Heaven and Hell acquire a different identity in comparison to what is conventionally accepted.

Many people believe that when the body dies, some kind of door opens to Heaven or Hell. But is this wretched beast at fault for having died or because it was alive? The illusion that I am in a physical body and feel this world is intentionally given so that I will leap above it and see myself as alive and existing only in a spiritual Kli vessel in relation to Light spiritual force of love and bestowal. It is perfectly fine, even beneficial, to imagine and see Hell differently all the time.

Nothing disappears in nature. It only changes its structure, design, just as our body decomposes into basic elements. It passes from one state to another. It can be stated that consciousness exists not in a person, but that it is around him, or maybe even in a completely different dimension, in another space. Our brain is kind of a modem that picks up the general consciousness to the extent that it needs to realize itself in the current moment.

Ready for afterlife? Here's a new way to prepare for life after death

Consciousness per se is information. Informational connection exists beyond time and field. It permeates the entire universe. Information does not disappear, it can only change its medium. We cannot say for certain in what form and where it exists. Our bodies and the whole corporeal world are only an illusion. Everything else exists in the consciousness. We all have a soul, were not just 1 trillion loving molecules just made.

God speaks to us with silence. Just believe.

Using Science To Study The 'Afterlife': Closer To An Answer - TODAY

Does suicide mess up the process or is it planned by the path of the spirit? If I were to kill myself would I be messing everything up for myself and those who were to follow me? Does killing myself help quicken the release or does it just make things much worse? Interesting View. But why are we limiting this only to humans and to the planet earth. In my opinion that can be applied to life per se and since the univers is so vast geting reborn just on earth as a human is not the right way to look at it.

I think life itself follows something that you are describing here and we are only one steping stone in an endless ocean of soul progression. This is not true. Choose to help the world in a different way. You have to come back down here. Kabbalah theory seems to match closely with Vedas. Bible also talk about spirit, which is same as soul.

But you have not discussed about destiny, which is included in both Bible and Vedas. Destiny guides everything in our life, we do not have any freewill. How a soul will progress in one life is already predefined and nobody can change it. Life can be precisely predicted moment by moment and also for long term by any high level yogi.

I am wondering why we have to consider this as religion, when everything about soul, reincarnation, destiny, yogic power, etc. These things should be considered as real and true science. At the least it is a less than suboptomal alternative, and one could penalize or do permanent damage to ones soul. A human being when he analysis and come to conscious of thoughts he do. He can act in better way. The truth, purity,unselfish all these things helps to feel the existence of soul.

The idea presented here that there is a part of us, deep inside, that creates a yearning to figure out the source of our existence is comforting and mind-blowing at the same time. To me it makes perfect sense that the Creator would instill such a thing in us. Otherwise, why exist? I grew up in a religion that held over our heads descriptions of our post-death eternal states—either heavenly bliss or the horror of being burned forever. What is suggested here, however, is that these states do not await us, but exist throughout our lives.

To know that I can achieve the state of eternal connection with the Creator during this lifetime is so reassuring and heartening. Death then becomes achievement of that sublime connection or an exit and re-entry into corporeal life so that I can continue my quest.

Thank you for this beautiful and informative series of articles. Lots of new and very unusual information. Not easy to absorb it all at once. Will have to come back and go over it again. Very interesting though… Keep it up please! Looks like we have to hurry and reach the sensation of the spiritual world while we are still living in this body…. Physical death. This is a scary thought when you just sit and think about it.

I am born into a family, start a new family, go to school to find a job that might give me some satisfaction, make money, be kind, be respected, come to understand mind blowing intellectual pursuits, do the right thing, have fun. All of this inside the body. I feel pleasure with all of this inside the body. But the body dies. All of this pleasure felt inside this body and it dies. So, now what? I found the escape route out of the body or as they call it in Kabbalah, exiting Egypt.

Sound familiar? Come study Kabbalah and found out what escaping Egypt is all about. The sages of Kabbalah promise you, if you escape Egypt, it will be like taking off your shirt when your body dies. Come and see!!! This topic is THE topic. It is the thing that we all hurtle towards whether we want it or not. We do take life for granted.

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Overlooking the fact that life, like death we do not create. Personally, I have many patterns in my mind that could be interpreted in line with reincarnation however the other illusionary qualities of this life make me reticent to rely on those thoughts. But the acquiring of sensations and relationships between us all is undeniable. And when we move toward each other in particular fashions particular results are displayed. No doubt about that. If all my love for peoples is nothing………I chose it anyway because without love, life is meaningless. If love IS the underlying form of life that all the better……..

So I choose life, Right now I just view my body as a thermometer.