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Hidden in Plain Sight – Verona

I had the opportunity to attend one of these programs at Amesbury High School a month ago before we agreed to bring this program to Georgetown.

Hidden In Plain Sight A Huge Success!

As an educator for almost 40 years and a mother of three grown sons, I thought I knew a lot but found out that clearly there is much more that I do not know. I guarantee any parents who come and take the half hour tour will be enlightened and It will provide new insights that parents can use to be better informed and to build assets in their children.

The research is clear that the more assets a child has the less likely they are to engage in unhealthy and risky behaviors and that is our goal!

There will be many local experts on hand to answer questions and share materials and a big thank you goes out to Officer Henry Olshefsky from the Georgetown Police Department and Pam Lundquist from Georgetown Cares who are in charge of running this event. On 16 August , the Committee released its Interim Report, which recommended the establishment of a mandatory global supply chain reporting requirement to certain entitles and the creation of legislation pertaining to modern slavery.

The recommended Act should include:.

The Law Council of Australia has endorsed the Committee's report. TimeBase is an independent, privately owned Australian legal publisher specialising in the online delivery of accurate, comprehensive and innovative legislation research tools including LawOne and unique Point-in-Time Products.

Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice and does not substitute for the advice of competent legal counsel. Law Council of Australia, ' National Compensation Scheme for victims of modern slavery a watershed recommendation ,' Media release 8 December Online legislation research.

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