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Florida has always been swampy yet it was settled by Native Americans long before the Spanish arrived. How did they repel the critters?

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I found lots of theories but no proof. Some say citronella was used but that is not native to Florida. My neighborhood is filled with old oaks so perhaps they grew here more than years ago. The Washington Post mentioned that burning sweet grass, which does grow throughout Florida, was effective. Some have suggested diet, while others say lung capacity discharging carbon dioxide differed. The water drips through the middle layer into the bucket, the larva die on the pillow case or lizards and birds come and have a delightful treat. The bucket water is then placed back into the top to start the process all over again.

Does it work? Yes, if you faithfully drain. Going to keep using it though, as every little bit helps. Porter, 17 October Finding documents with conflicting info is common. Determining which information is correct takes careful analysis. Check it out here.

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Apparently they did but the information was still wrong. A well respected Tampa historian, Anthony Pizzo was interviewed 30 years ago about the plaques that are all over town. He volunteered to make the historical markers at the military foundry and put them all over Ybor City.

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What I learned from them was unbelievable-that we had such a rich history. It is a beautiful stone put up by the Ybor City Rotary Club. I think it was in That was the first one. And of course when Castro took over our project became paralyzed. The story made me want to discover where Marti spent his first nights in Tampa. First I went to the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser site to verify the building date but the construction details just note Pre Commercial.

Tampa was incorporated in but the area where this building is located was not in the city limits. At the time, it was an unincorporated area. I guessed that Marti slept in a hotel that was at that site before the Cherokee Club was built. I found the deed information in the Library of Congress records:. This club was unique in that its members combine persons of Latin and American heritage. The object of the club was to promote social intercourse of its members. The popular pastimes in the club were relaxation, entertainment and gambling.

In Jose Alvarez bought the club and operated it as a restaurant and hotel called the El Pasaje. Although the club was closed during the prohibition, the restaurant and the bar were the center for many luxurious banquets. That location was a vacant lot.

Here are some places in Tampa where spooks reportedly roam year round.

Unless Marti camped out on the grounds, which I doubt as the mosquitoes would have eaten him alive and then he may have contracted malaria, he had to have slept somewhere else. Either he got the day of the week or the day of the month wrong. I suspect it was the day of the month as Marti must have arrived on November 25 and not the 26 because in the evening, Marti gave a lecture at the El Liceo Cubano, 7th Avenue, a social and political club founded in In , the 26 th was a Thursday so it is most likely that Marti arrived in Tampa on the 25 th.

Marti was invited to speak that evening by the Cuban Patriotic League in remembrance of the anniversary of the execution of 8 medical students. The event was also held at the Liceo Cubano. Nestor emigrated to Key West from Cuba in but was forced to leave due to his political views. Arriving in Tampa with his 3rd wife and 8 children, Nestor was aided by friends to open a school, publish a newspaper, La Bate, and serve as a librarian and treasurer of the newly formed Revolutionary Club, the purpose of which was to raise funds to liberate Cuba from Spain.

A club member had heard Marti lecture in Philadelphia and recommended that he be invited to Tampa to speak at a fundraiser for the Revolutionary Club. By May , Nestor was named president of the club and extended the invitation to Marti to come to Tampa. So where did Nestor live in Tampa? The Tampa History Museum has a slim volume from but you must make an appointment to view it through the Tampa Public Library.

The Tampa Tribune article notes that there were other errors in the plaque. You can read it in its entirety here :.

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Library of Congress. The citizens and business community of New Orleans, eager to promote the city's recovery from both the ravaging effects of the Civil War and the aftermath of Reconstruction, welcomed the chance to stage an event which would attract visitors and investors to the commercially revitalized city. Established in , the Cent Body Island Brenda Gartin 0. A romantic intrigue that begins at sea and sweeps through the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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On her Outer Banks vacation, Christine falls in love, gets dumped, and befriends a ten-year-old boy. She and her young friend might make it off the island alive if they can outmaneuver a dark pirate, an unknown murderer, and the epic storm that is heading directly for them. Over the summer, I went on a road trip with my mom.

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We drove through parts of the southern United States, stopping at touristy spots and looking at different colleges and universities. This is the story of that road trip. The soft gold and pink hues of the sun made the tassels of the corn look more golden and the green of the leaves and stems look more vibrant. The little blue brooks, twisting alongside the fields, had threads of pink and purple and gold woven into the slowly In this edition you will find a total of 18 historical markers. Each marker is described with its location, GPS coordinates, and the exact inscription.

The markers are sort by the name of the location. The list of the markers will never be complete. Every day new markers will be added. Perfect travel guide to take with you on your trip to DeLand, Florida. I hope you are a little satisfied with this arrangement of facts. In this edition you will find a total of 30 historical markers.