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The Returns. The Breeding Season. Going Under. The Rich Man's House. Wolfe Island.

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Sweet Sorrow From the author of One Day. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. The Trespassers. The Water Dancer. Boy Swallows Universe. Sandoz makes it clear that his determination to be a horsecatcher will require a moral and physical courage equal to that of any warrior. And if he must earn the right to live as he wishes, he must also draw closer to family and community. E Go Juvenile. Summer has a magic all its own in Elizabeth Enright's beloved stories about two children and their discovery of a ghostly lakeside resort.

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Keep your face to the sunset. A letter from his uncle Michael in America offering Conn a partnership in his New York contracting company sets Conn on his western adventure. His name was Tom Paine. This dramatic biography is his story. In , totally unknown to the world, he arrived in America from England with only the clothes on his back, his one tangible asset a letter of introduction from Benjamin Franklin. Then he published his pamphlet, Common Sense; and the name, Tom Paine, became not only a household word from Massachusetts to the Carolinas, but a name that aroused violent feeling three thousand miles away in England.

S72 Mi Juvenile. Marly and her family share many adventures when they move from the city to a farmhouse on Maple Hill. I79O4 Juvenile. When a novel like Huckleberry Finn, or The Yearling, comes along it defies customary adjectives because of the intensity of the respouse it evokes in the reader. Such a book, we submit, is Old Yeller; to read this eloquently simple story of a boy and his dog in the Texas hill country is an unforgettable and deeply moving experience. The scene of this latest book by Mr.

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DeJong is China, during the Japanese occupation. Young Tien Pao is alone on his family's sampan when the boat breaks loose from its moorings and is caught by the rushing waters of the river. When the sampan finally lands, Tien Pao is in Japanese territory. With only his pig for company, he starts on the long and difficult journey back to Hengyang and his parents. The House of Sixty fathers could be the story of any child in any war. In his expressive pictures Maurice Sendak has caught the essence of TienPao and his faith, courage, and unwillingness to surrender his belief in the impossible.

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When his father is badly injured in an accident, a young Mayan boy called Tigre wonders who will plant and harvest the corn that they need to survive--and to please the Mayan gods. Twelve-year-old Tigre has never done a man's work before. Now he will have to take his father's place. L Car Juvenile. R Se Juvenile. Hard times have come to the forest, but Calpurnia wants to turn them back into soft times.

With her little dog Buggy Horse and a tip from old Mother Albirtha, the wisest person in the forest, Calpurnia finds a secret river and uses the pink paper roses from her hair to catch enough beautiful catfish to feed the whole swamp land —with some left over for Daddy to sell. You caught catfish when catfish were needed…you will not find the river again. Beautiful in all ways that a book can be beautiful, this unforgettable picture book is a classic in the making. Golden Name Day by Jennie D. While nine-year-old Nancy is staying with her adopted Swedish grandparents for a year, everyone tries to figure out how she can celebrate a name day since her name isn't Swedish.

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Why do the storks no longer come to the little Dutch fishing village of Shora to nest? It was Lina, one of the six schoolchildren who first asked the question, and she set the others to wondering. And sometimes when you begin to wonder, you begin to make things happen. So the children set out to bring the storks back to Shora.

The force of their vision put the whole village to work until at last the dream began to come true.

D Co Juvenile. In , young Sarah Noble and her father traveled through the wilderness to build a new home for their family.

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The dark woods were full of animals and Indians, too, and Sarah was only eight! The true story of Sarah's journey is inspiring. And as she cares for her father and befriends her Indian neighbors, she learns that to be afraid and to be brave is the greatest courage of all. U34 Ban Juvenile. It stands unconquered, the last great summit of the Alps. Only one man has ever dared to approach the top, and that man died in his pursuit. He was Josef Matt, Rudi Matt's father. At sixteen, Rudi is determined to pay tribute to the man he never knew, and complete the quest that claimed his father's life.

The head injury she suffered in her youth continued to plague her and she endured brain surgery to help relieve her symptoms. But her health continued to deteriorate and eventually forced her to move into her namesake rest home in Schools and museums bear her name and her story has been revisited in books, movies and documentaries. Early Life. Harriet Tubman Historical Society. Military Times. Harriet Tubman Biography. National Park Service.

Harriet Tubman Myths and Facts. Harriet Tubman.

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Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The Underground Railroad was a network of people, African American as well as white, offering shelter and aid to escaped slaves from the South.

It developed as a convergence of several different clandestine efforts. The exact dates of its existence are not known, but it operated The history of African-Americans begins with slavery, as white European settlers first brought Africans to the continent to serve as slaves. The fate of slaves in the United States would divide the nation during the Civil War. And after the war, the racist legacy of slavery would Amid the harsh repression of slavery, Americans of African descent, and particularly black women, managed—sometimes at their own peril—to preserve the culture of their ancestry and articulate both their struggles and hopes in their own words and images.

A growing number of black George Washington Carver was an agricultural scientist and inventor who developed hundreds of products using peanuts though not peanut butter, as is often claimed , sweet potatoes and soybeans. Born an African-American slave a year before the practice was outlawed, Carver left