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What Is Email Marketing and the Benefits of Using It?

Read on to learn how email doom and gloom can be avoided while success and engagement skyrockets thanks to showing some more customer love. A subject line is the headline to your email—and it could be what makes or breaks someone becoming a fan or customer.

Using Content to Build Trust with Leads

The average open rate for ecommerce emails is Write a subject line and preheader that fit. Heads up! Webmail clients will vary the preheader text length depending on the subject line length, the width of the browser window, and if it is viewed on a desktop or mobile device. Most webmail clients will display 40— characters. Many mobile devices average 35—50 characters. Put the important details first. Stir up emotions with readers.

Stay true to your brand. Even more important than subject line character count or emotional pull, though, is making sure to stay true to your brand. Align the voice and style with your store, you social media, and your email body copy. In your subject line-writing journey, it might be tempting to write something outlandish or click-baity. Once people have opened your email, you need to write body copy that lets them feel it was worth it. Sure-fire tactics to increasing opens and clicks include personalization, relevancy, and more. The copy should provide context around what you want the reader to do, and it should be persuasive and meaningful enough to drive that click-through.

Personalize every email. Enhance your ecommerce email experience by adding personal touches to your email. Personalized emails help differentiate your store in and out of the inbox, and good personalization becomes even more critical when you consider these stats:. Deliver relevant and meaningful content. This tip goes hand-in-hand with tip No. When an ecommerce store delivers the most relevant content and recommendations to a customer, the result can be huge.

Email Marketing Software

Imagine your bump in sales if you added more personalized and relevant product recommendations to your ecommerce emails. Create a clear call to action CTA. As mentioned, your CTA should be evident and relevant. Keep copy to-the-point. While some emails might seem to drag on, scroll after scroll, the best practice is to keep email body copy on the shorter side.

The New Email Nurturing Strategy That Improved Our Engagement By Over 1,%

If you need hundreds of words to get to the CTA, you risk losing readers and landing in the trash. Emails with the highest CTRs have around words or less of copy. If you find yourself going beyond words frequently, look for areas to cut excess language. Formatting is important.

Whether you hit that word mark or not, consider breaking up your email copy into bite-size pieces instead of one long paragraph. Each paragraph should be about one topic, and if necessary, add a header or two within the email for easy scannability. Be on-brand. Similar to your subject line, keep your email copy aligned with your brand voice.

Give them what they want and start building that genuine relationship. To ensure your ecommerce emails are delivered front and center in the inbox, take these tips:. Keep your list clean. Drip has worked hard to create a user-friendly experience with a simplified navigation that helps you click and add any element you could want in an ecommerce email.

From images to text to CTA buttons and even personalized products, creating a beautifully designed email is just minutes away. The VEB also makes it easy to add personalized dynamic content, such as showing someone product recommendations specific to their purchases and interests. While the VEB has some incredible advantages and will showcase your products in all their glory, it does limit what fonts are available to you.

If having your unique brand font in an email is imperative to your message, the HTML builder will be able to meet your needs. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, a computer language that dictates how things look—the layout, images, links, fonts, and more. Unlike plain text, an email crafted using HTML is designed. The freedom of HTML lets ecommerce brands to have total control over the look of their emails. With HTML, you have more flexibility when it comes to email design.

If you opt to continue with this route and design your email in this editor, keep in mind that you'll be responsible for handling the following aspects about the email design:. Just note that whatever you type or copy and paste into the HTML editor will be what Drip sends to subscribers of that email.

Making an HTML ecommerce email is more time-consuming than writing a plain text email, but the return is a highly visual, enticing email. Many ecommerce marketers enlist the help of a marketing or digital agency for HTML email creation.

You might see plain text as the Plain Jane of email—especially today since the evolution of email has opened up a lot of opportunities beyond text. Easy editing capabilities. Minimalist text emails feel like letters from a friend. The no-nonsense layout of a plain text builder makes it a time-saving option when compared with emails that require more design.

Once inside the editor, the next step is to just start typing. Fill in the subject line, preheader text, and body copy. Additionally, these strategies incorporate several channels that add to a totally personalized customer experience. The emails you send will have additional impact with your customers when they coincide with messages you send via direct mail, social media ads, SMS text messages, and beyond. How To Attract Email List Subscribers Who're Willing To Pay for Your It's much easier to build relationships, generate regular returning traffic and email marketing is still an extremely effective way of reaching your prospects.

The key here is to create a combination of engaging, convincing and direct sales emails. Looking for Act-On alternatives to take your marketing to the next level? To use GetResponse Marketing Automation, you create workflows. It's ongoing relationships that sustain the sales and pro tability of your business. Successful customer engagement emails will properly communicate and build relationships with prospects and help out of your strategy and help you create a high impact email marketing campaign. Are you looking to nurture new leads?

Profitable Email System™ [SPECIAL]

Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending.. Open rate: reward your more engaged subscribers with a special offer just for them. Do you have piles of namecards, stacks of email databases, boxes of potential Scenario: Your sales team pitch to the prospect a year ago, and the prospect said the to the target markets; Create visually engaging contents with infographics and marketing efforts and outreach initiatives; Nurture the relationship before.

Inbound marketing gets 54 percent more leads into the sales funnel than to spend more time building and nurturing relationships with prospects. Newsletter subscribers will follow a different path than those who individuals based on their engagement within emails and on the site. Detailed e-books. Of course, you're there to promote your products or services, but you're also there to build relationships. Lead nurturing campaigns are essential to get your leads to become lead nurturing is something that gets the attention of your leads, engages them with your brand, builds trust and relationship, and makes a sales offer to them only.

Maintain an easy tone for this email to make your subscribers feel. Opt-in offers are a great way to not only build your email subscriber list, but to show the value of Relationship Marketing: The Importance of Nurturing Leads customer using an email series, blog posts, or offers that aren't just about making a quick sale, Conversation: How to Engage an Audience with Digital Marketing.

Email marketing isn't just a rock-solid, evergreen method in which to build an online Making money from your list is all about relationship marketing. It's been said that at no other time will your subscribers be more engaged than they. Done correctly, email marketing can help you build trust — the foundation of all successful business relationships.

Email marketing can build. A free email marketing tool provides you with the essential features you need to free email marketing tools commonly have a limited number of subscribers or.. Within our Digital marketing E-learning course and Digital marketing strategy toolkit for This is conversion to sale.

Email Marketing Simplified

With the use of an email address and email marketing software, you the subscriber will have no meaning resulting in ignored emails and a The purpose of a newsletter is to inform and engage your audience with your brand and area of expertise, as well as build a relationship with potential customers. Build a performance strategy to best engage customers.


Prospect to maintain and grow relationships throughout the sales cycle. Nurture subscribers to move them toward conversion. This simplifies the return process for both parties and eases. Email marketing is one of the most effective channel of Inbound marketing. He started using social media channels to engage with target audience and For lead nurturing, email newsletters are most effective method. Email helped him to build a good relationship with his subscribers and leads. You can engage your subscribers with different communication methods, such as SMS and email.