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One couple's story of erotic discovery through a man's eyes #DesireUnleashed #Giveaway

A finger-satiating lust ensues as Leslee learns foundation principles on pleasing and teasing her new lady lover. Please Misses Officer Leslee lives with hard lessons as she loses her job and then ends up spinning her car into a ditch.

Dreaming of a tantalizing tongue that an authority figure, such as Misses Officer, might have fueled Les into a night of passion as she falls deeper into her sexual fantasies with women. Two short stories with a total of 5, words. Adult content Here at Red Erotica Publishing we strive to bring you the best erotic fiction by breakthrough young writers.

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Smashwords – Pleasures Under the Moon (Zoey's Erotic Adventures #1) – a book by Tori Simms

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Keywords: sex , etotica , cockuld. Keywords: Sex , "games" , fun. Keywords: sex , scheming , scamming , erotica.

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  • Breathless...A torrid erotic story of one woman’s lust and secret desires.
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  • Dark Desires (Zoey's Erotic Adventures #2);
  • My Sexual Self and I.

Keywords: sex , erotica , forced. If you are not at least 18 years old, or if you are offended by this type of material, please do not read any fu Keywords: sex , erotica.

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Adults Only. Mina Schu "He was all what I want" Short erotic story English Words Ages 18 and up 15 The story goes about a woman who is having a strong desire and encounters a sexual adventure at some meeting with a man that is all what she wants at that moment. Add to Favorites.