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The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce

He was a dirty talker, and his girl turned him on always!!! I loved the interaction with him and Lisanne's brother Harry! They have a great male bonding moment that was just priceless and entertaing, and just added a lightness to an intense story. All in all, this book touched me in ways that few have. It was a pleasure to watch the personal growth of Daniel and Lisanne, and to see their love for each other blossom into something that was amazing.

Daniel writes to his girl: "Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me And when we make love, I hear you call my name. I love you so much. View all 45 comments. His reputation is further tarnished by sharing a house with his drug dealing, partying hard, older brother, Zef. He's easily the shining star of this story. How he tries to cope with this makes his life difficult. He knows all about stereotyping and purposely keeps himself closed off to others.

Average, shy and innocent, Lisanne Maclaine is the complete opposite of Daniel.

The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce

Her first week of college has been hard and she misses her supporting family. Unfortunately, her character is what kept me from loving this book. I found her to be too immature and very annoying. By the end I did see character growth but not enough for me to embrace her. When his secret is revealed to her, she is stunned! Jane Harvey-Berrick is a great story teller. The first two books I read by her happily sit in my all time favorite shelf.

I liked the story as well as the hero. However, the heroine's teenage drama added a too young feel. I prefer more mature characters and my rating is a reflection of my personal preference and not a reflection of this author's writing. This is an emotional love story. While this didn't fully work for me, many who enjoy YA Romance will find this to be a winner. Arc graciously provided by author View all 51 comments. Daniel lives with his brother Zef- a drug dealer, if you want anything- Zef is the man to go to but Daniel has no choice, with no family left after the death of his parents, Zef is all Dani Nineteen year old Daniel Colton is the guy all the girls want to date, and the man all the guys want to be.

Daniel lives with his brother Zef- a drug dealer, if you want anything- Zef is the man to go to but Daniel has no choice, with no family left after the death of his parents, Zef is all Daniel has and his greatest possession is his Harley Sirona. Lisanne Maclain is a good girl- well as good as it gets. Never been touched or kisses. Lisanne is a music major at college and is doing a business course as well to please her parents. When Lisanne gets paired with Daniel for an assignment, she realises there is more to him than everyone knows. But no one ever notices because Daniel can lip read and he does he pretty good job of it too… When Daniel decides to trust Lisanne with his secret, she is slowly let into his life… With his bad moods and Potty mouth, Lisanne is the only person who calms him- she is like the calm after the Storm….

Lisanne experiences things shes never felt before with Daniel and gives him all of herself and would do anything for him. Lisanne wants Daniel with all his imperfections, crazy mood swings and everything in between.. This is a stunning romance and Daniel goes through hard obstacles in life but it shows if someone believes in you and is by your side you can get through anything life throws your way and maybe if you have Faith, hope and belief Miracles can come true!

View all 18 comments. May 08, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read. I'm shelving it for now until a later date View all 19 comments. First let me just say that if you have not read The Education of Caroline and The Education of Sebastian drop everything you're doing and read it. Jane Harvey-Berrick is an immensely talented author that weaves a story so flawlessly beautiful, it's impossible to put down. Having read those two books and absolutely adoring them, I couldn't wait to delve into her new NA novel.

I really think that this will be the case First let me just say that if you have not read The Education of Caroline and The Education of Sebastian drop everything you're doing and read it. I really think that this will be the case of "everyone loved it but me", but let me explain why this just didn't work for me.

I could do it in one word: Lisanne. Lisanne was, unfortunately, everything I simply cannot handle in the main heroine. She was innocent to the point of intolerable. She was a virgin unlike any I have ever read before. You ever been kissed, LA? She was also extremely sheltered, judgmental, childish, jumped to the wrong conclusion at every turn, cried if someone looked at her wrong, doesn't like swearing not even "damn" , and at times flat out bitchy. The best quote to sum her up for me is this: "Jeez, chill!

Mom says I was born middle-aged. I think if it wasn't for the heroine, I might have hung in there. I usually really enjoy the NA genre. I sincerely look forward to future books from this author since I love her writing style. Unfortunately, I had to cut my losses with this book. Hence, I will refrain from rating it to be fair to the author.

But don't let my experience stop you from reading it. My lack of enjoyment was out of my own personal preference. View all 22 comments. This was something different from the others. This wasn't that typical love story when everybody's haunted from their past. Or have lots of secrets that's not revealed until the very end. But don't get me wrong there were love, jealousy, steam and everything that a perfect love story contains.

But there was more If you get the feeling of the book at the beginning you're going to flow with it. There is this story about a boy whose life isn't perfect. He had the perfect family and an almost perfect life until a sudden tragedy. After two years he's going to start to live again, trying to be normal. Well ladies meet Daniel Colton who's totally your man! He's dangerous to know, but definitely easy and worth to love. He's young, handsome, a bad boy every girl wants a piece from. But he's closed off, not a friendly type and obviously doesn't want every girl. Lisanne, aka LA - I think that nickname was the only thing I didn't like in the whole book So Lisanne is a freshman, violin player, average and very shy.

Very shy with certain topics. Oh can somebody change that?? She thinks Daniel is a cute Well I can't think of anything else so - ass. He's tattoos, piercings God knows where , a bad boy vibe, and a very arrogant behaviour. Lisanne has no intention of getting to know him. Well not everybody thinks they should go different ways. One professor definitely thinks their names sound good together. So Lisanne gets her introduction to the Daniel Colton. She sighed - as if she's ever been anything else. She wanted to be just a little bit bad. Or rather, she wanted to have a little bit of bad - a Daniel-shaped slice of wickedness.

Just a small taste. Or a large one. Lisanne's a music major, so it's very important that she finds someone who understands what music means to her. As the story goes she's opening up and getting more confident because of what music gives her. There's this little secret that you will realize in like two seconds before is written down or Lisanne gets. It's shocking, but gives answers for a few questions and changes things. Thanks to this pairing they start getting to know each other and soon Lisanne's leaving the good girl act behind, or at least she's trying.

Thank you for putting up with my punk ass - for being in my life. I loved the writing.

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A few times my eyes bulged out. You're not always get what you want, sometimes you get better. The book wasn't one big hot scene, but you will get enough I promise. It's a pretty long book full of other things than just the physical attraction. I liked that sometimes after a little persuasion Lisanne and Daniel always talk to each other. There was no things left hidden between them. They were always honest from the beginning. I am a sucker for a little fun in emotional books and there was lots of funny moments. You get them mostly from the best friends.

They give the light for the story, encourage the main characters. I would say they were typical characters but their actions made me smile many times and that give them a lot of positive feelings from my part. They were really good influences. Oh my God! I'm so jealous! Promise me next time you'll screw him senseless until he's cross-eyed and can't walk without crutches - then give me all the details, with written notes. Is he well hung? Daniel Colton! Is he really good in bed? On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate him?

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Even if it's positive it's still superficial. Mostly there's so much more under the surface. I loved how the author write about Daniel's feelings. I could totally feel him. He didn't try to fit in, make friends, he just wanted some normal. But some things are better than normal Blurb: Nineteen year old Daniel Colton is the man on campus all the guys want to be, and the bad boy all the girls want to be with.

His insanely hot tatted up body screams sex, while his eyebrow piercing only enhances his beautiful face, and there are rumors he has piercings in other places as well. This walking one night stand is sullen, mysterious and moody, with an explosive temper. Daniel lives with his older brother, Zef, a well-known drug dealer with ties to a local gang.

You want to party non-stop, drugs, alcohol, no questions asked? The Colton house is the place to go. Lisanne Maclaine is a good girl. She comes from a stable family, and has done what is expected of her. When Daniel and Lisanne have to work together on a business assignment, Lisanne is less than thrilled. She never wanted to be in this class in the first place. She is only minoring in business to pacify her parents, and now she is stuck working with him.

Slowly she builds a friendship with Daniel and discovers there is a lot more to this college bad boy than his reputation. Once she discovers what it is she finally sees Daniel for who he really is. What will it cost her? Who else will be vying for his attention and affections? Can Lisanne follow her dreams and have it all?

Or will she decide that Daniel is just too Dangerous to Know? View 2 comments. Mar 08, Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc. A Wonderful 5 Star read If you like New Adult mixed with a dirty talking tattooed hot guy then meet Daniel Daniel Colton is 19 years old, tattooed, pierced, moody and hot And Daniel has a secret He has just started college and he attracts the attention of good girl Lisanne Maclaine along with all the other girls there.

Their first meeting Daniel is distant, arrogant and quiet but when they have to work together on an assignment, she gets to spend more time with him and she sees A Wonderful 5 Star read If you like New Adult mixed with a dirty talking tattooed hot guy then meet Daniel Daniel Colton is 19 years old, tattooed, pierced, moody and hot Their first meeting Daniel is distant, arrogant and quiet but when they have to work together on an assignment, she gets to spend more time with him and she sees a different side to him.

With no other family left except an older brother who he feels constantly having to defend due to the fact he is known as a local drug dealer and opens their home to nonstop parties and drug taking. Daniel is pretty much on his own. Lisanne has a calming effect on Daniel who at times has a temper but with her he is sweet and protective and she is protective of him too. When Lisanne finally finds out his secret, she is happy to keep it View all 10 comments.

May 16, The Devil's Advocate rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars , new-adult. Daniel Colton lives with his older brother, Zef, and their home is party central. Colton's the place to go. He is moody, with an explosive temper, closed off and sullen He drives a Harley Davidson , and wears a tight leather jacket. Daniel has a secret. A secret that only a few know, and that could change his life forever. This secret will tug at the strings of your heart, and turn you into an emotional mess. No One Except Lisanne Maclaine Lisanne is the goodie-goodie girl. She's a violin player. She's also the typical virgin who feels attracted to the bad boy, but thinks he's just a load of shit.

Okay, Lisanne was not one of my favorite characters. She was childish at times, and annoying at others. I also deducted half a star due to her exasperating personality. Anyway, Lisanne finds there's a lot more to the college's bad boy than his reputation. He's intelligent, funny, and good company. She becomes his Secret-Keeper. It will stay with you forever. I highly recommend it. So I was super excited to see that JHB had a new book out and this one definitely did not disappoint. I absolutely loved Daniel Colton! This story was very different then anything I have read lately--which was refreshing.

Daniel Colton is the college hottie.

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His brother Zef is a notorious drug dealer. All the girls want Daniel but none of them can have him. Daniel is keeping a secret. And he d 4. And he doesn't let anyone get close enough to figure it out. Until Lisanne Lisanne and Daniel are in the same business class together. Daniel sits up front, ignores everyone, and doesn't take any notes. Lisanne immediately judges him as cocky and better than everyone else.

But then Lis and Daniel are paired together for a project and she learns that there is so much more to Daniel Colton then she ever could have imagined. Daniel had a delicious dirty mouth. It was HOT. Lisanne is a virgin and very inexperienced with boys. She was always considered a "nerd" in high school. But Daniel sees something different in Lis. Someone who sees past his secret, who see's Daniel as more then just a hot body. They were very passionate--with their love and their anger. Daniel was so used to being alone and not sharing his feelings and Lis just wanted to be there to help Daniel.

It was heart-breaking at times watching Daniel struggle with his secret. Just wanting to fit in and be normal. And I loved how Lis never gave up on him and was there for Daniel every step of the way.

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Daniel needed to see that she wasn't going anywhere and she never did. This was a story of heart-break and loss and learning to overcome tragedy. It was a story of finding love and the power that love has to heal. It was a story of redemption and new beginnings. I highly recommend this book--everyone deserves to experience Daniel Colton's story. This one will definitely be going on my favorites shelf!

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  • Environmental Degradation in Jacobean Drama;
  • Dangerous to Know by K. T. Davies. Book review | The British Fantasy Society?

View all 15 comments. May 18, Annie Brewer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everyone who loves sexy bad boys and plenty of hot sex. Recommended to Annie by: Britney. Shelves: new-adult , romance , absolutely-amazingly-awesome , , 5-star-worthy , book-boyfriend , want-more , must-have , contemp-romance , angst. Wow, what a fucking amazing book!!! I have no words to do this book justice right now. My mind is in a fog, mostly of lust and crazy emotions from this journey I was taken on with Daniel and Lis. So not what I thought this book would be. I need to sleep on it though before I attempt my review, otherwise I'll sound like a freakin' moron.

BUT I was blown away, right out of the water. This book pulled out SO many emotions, I didn't know which I was experiencing at the time. Seriously, I know a lot of people didn't care for this story, but I could relate to Daniel in more ways than I ever anticipated, and I felt like I was reliving parts of my childhood again.

I was so engrossed in this story, I never wanted it to end. The characters were awesome and so realistic. The amount of cursing and sexual tension.. Everything about this book was raw and emotional and at times it felt like I was watching a movie, not reading a book. I'm so happy I read it. I hadn't read anything like it before and it was a change, fresh and gripping. I prefer first person POV, however, it was a nice change from everything else I'd read. We have Daniel Colton, who by the way has become one of my top book boyfriends. Okay, so Daniel starts college and is living with his drug using asshole brother, Zef.

Their parents died 2 years ago and he's trying to move on with his life, and make something of himself. He's majoring in Economics and Business which is the same thing my brother got his degree in-totally love that concept with a minor in Math which my other brother majored in. He's very stand-offish, very assholish, very tattooed and pierced He's also very deaf. It started when he was 14, he started to lose his hearing and he was getting into fights and getting kicked out of school.

He had to go to a private school, specifically for deaf people, to learn how to communicate. It's such a sad reality for him. He had no idea what was happening, but sounds were distant. He had a virus which is what caused it, but they didn't know why. Life was totally sucking for poor Daniel. It just got worse after his parents died. My heart broke for this boy. He was so lost and lonely, keeping everyone at arm's length because if they all knew he was deaf, they'd judge him or pity him.

He didn't want pity, but he also didn't want to be different. He hated that he was deaf. Especially since music was a HUGE part of his life and now He even wrote songs and sang and played guitar. But it all changed and he had to live without it. So instead of making friends, he appeared to be an asshole to everyone around him And he rode a motorcycle Meet Sirona I loved how he talked about "her" and how "she" was his baby.

I love motorcycles, and what's hotter than a guy who drives a Harley, has tats and piercings and acts like an asshole? Ummmm, can't get better than that! When she first meets Daniel, she automatically assumes he's an asshole because he ignores everyone and doesn't take notes in class. Well, being that he's deaf, he has to lip read his professors and then he takes notes later.

Dangerous To Know

Well, of course Lis doesn't know that. But when both Lis and Daniel get paired up for an assignment, she learns there's more than meets the eye with his hot bod and cold exterior. She gets to see into his sad and lonely life during an incident at the library. He just wants to be normal But when they get to know one another and spend more time together, they realize that there is a certain spark there. They're hot for each other and boy do they elicit some major fireworks But he's soon realizing her innocence and she's a virgin.

He's had sex all over the place but she has had none BUT then, things get even more difficult when he finds out she's a music major, his passion. Can he really be involved with someone who shares his love of music? And even worse, someone who's been chosen as the band 32 Degrees North's lead singer?

Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick

How can he accept that? Things between these two heat up, when she decides she wants him to be her first. I was seriously getting hot and bothered every time they were near each other. Daniel just drips with sex appeal, and being that he's so experienced, he teaches Lis to open up and explore her own sexuality and satisfy her desires. It's so hilarious to see these two get involved as they're being intimate. She was so clueless about a lot, or everything involving sex. But Daniel really opened her up.

But things go south for them, due to his home life. His brother is a drug dealing jerk that got into some shit and now the cops are determined to bring him down, and even if that means getting to him through Daniel. He's stayed away from that shit since he started college. He drinks and smokes but he doesn't do drugs anymore. That doesn't make a difference though, he gets stopped numerous time because he's Zef's brother so he must be doing that shit too.

I hated that people judged him, even though they didn't know the truth about him. Of course, once they knew people would judge him anyway. Only a handful of people know the real truth, including Lis. I loved that she never judged him. I love that she still wanted to be with him in spite of his disability I hate using that word, but it's what it is. She was so giving and patient and understanding. Her heart was so kind and full of love. She's so strong and brave and accepting. She eventually fell in love with him.

But who wouldn't? Daniel is the ultimate book boyfriend! And together, these two were heaven Daniel finds out that there's an implant that may help gain some of his hearing back Does he ever get his hearing back? Will he ever be able to hear his girlfriend's voice when she sings? Do they overcome everything in spite of all the shit they go through???

You will not regret it!!! Honestly, this book moved me so hard. I didn't expect to be sucked in so quickly. I've never read a book that involved a deaf hot bad boy. But holy shit, I loved it! First of all, I could relate to Daniel. I had to sit at the front of my classes so I could hear what was going on. I didn't tell people because I didn't want to be different. I hated being judged for something I couldn't control.

Dangerous To Know - Official Teaser Trailer (2019)

I had an operation on both ears and had to do all kinds of tests, it sucked balls. So there were many times I cried for Daniel, to hear and live his pain. It was horrible. I spent most of the book crying, envisioning what he was going through. Music is a HUGE part of my life, always has been. So the fact that he'd lost all that was the worst thing to ever imagine. But he was strong, admirable.

Even though he hadn't accepted it for such a long time, he was still so strong in the way he lived. He still went to school and lived his life. Yeah, he hated life at times and it was even worse when he met Lis. But it actually was the best thing that'd happened to him. I was happy he found happiness and love. He deserved it so much. I love this guy. Jesus, my heart just broke but yet it healed too. The epilogue will make you cry.

It was so touching and emotional. I love his mouth. That boy has the dirtiest mouth She was amazing. She accepted him for who he was and did not let his illness define him and their relationship. Instead, she showed him that there's someone out there that will complete him.

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know: a short history of rock's wildest stars

She's the opposite of him in every way and she really challenges him. I love her innocence. Overtime, she gets better with understanding his condition and how to cope with it and how to help Daniel accept it as well. I could go on and on about this book but really, it's better to just buy it and read it. I love all the characters, for the most part.

Grayson can jump off a bridge. Rodney is bad ass! Love that boy! Kristy grew on me and Vin was an amazing friend for Daniel. They really came through for Daniel and Lis when it counted most. Even though at first, things were very strained and intense. Pops was a great character too. Basically, most of these characters shined through in this book.

There was never a dull moment and the journey I experienced was worth all the tears and heartache. I definitely love Jane's writing and stories. I need to finish the Education books. I probably would have skipped it had it not been for you! View all 27 comments.

In her economics class, she will have to partner up with another student to work on a project. When she is told that her partner is Daniel Colton, she can't believe she is going to partners with him. The guy every girl seems to want. Daniel Colton is known for his bad boy reputation. Rumor has it he sleeps with a different girl every day, get into fights, and deals drugs. Everyone is quick to judge him because of his tattoos and piercings, but not everyone knows the real him or the big secret he hides. The reason I didn't love this book was because I felt like I couldn't really connect with Lisanne.

It started off pretty good but a bit slow. I was intrigued by Daniel from the start and wanted to know more about him. After finding out about Daniel's secret , I thought things would get more interesting. Which it did, somewhat, but not enough for me to really want to keep reading. I am sad to say that I almost DNF this book. Daniel was an inked, pierced, harley driving, smoker and I loved him. I couldn't stand all of the judgment he recieved from everyone. Especially from Lisanne's family.

It became really annoying. Daniel was angry and defensive most of the time but I really didn't blame him, epecially when you learn about his past and what he's lost , it was really sad. Getting to know more about Daniel was the most enjoyable part of the book for me and seeing him overcome his struggles. I loved that he was mature enough to want to become a better person and his wonderful dirty mouth. What I ended up not liking at all was Lisanne. I know she was a nineteen year old virgin, but she acted way younger than that. She would overreact and have tantrums.

She would also assume things without talking about it first. She was one of those that judged Daniel from the start until she got to know him. The drama was too much for me and this is why I had difficulty continuing. The only thing I did like about her was that there were a few times where she actually stood up for Daniel. This one may not have worked for me, but I will definitely be looking forward to reading more from Jane Harvey-Berrick.

I suggest you give it a try, you might enjoy it more than I did. View all 20 comments. Feb 20, Kirsty rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , read-in , beta-read. I totally fell in love with her The Education of Jane is a wonderful writer and I have now enjoyed three incredible books by her. Very much like in TEoS, Jane has created some truly interesting and memorable character.

I really believe that Daniel Colton could give Sebastian a run for his money. Daniel is right up there with the great book boyfriends, for me. He's a hot, tattooed, slightly arrogant, se When I found out that Jane Harvey-Berrick was writing a new book I was so excited. He's a hot, tattooed, slightly arrogant, sexy bad boy. His character was so unique and I just loved everything about him. I think my issue with her sort of character is purely their age and that I find it hard to connect with them.

I may only be a few years older than she is but I just found it hard to 'get her'. There are plenty of characters around like her, in the sense that she is the typical naive, virginal college girl who suddenly grabs the attention of the college hot guys. I found myself getting frustrated over her decision making at times but again, I just put it down to the fact she is a teen in college. There is a twist to this story that I absolutely adored. It's going to be hard to talk about it without revealing it too much but I think it's important for me not to actually specifically mention it.

Daniel is hiding a secret that he believes will change everybody's opinion on him and that is exactly why he chooses to keep it hidden. Which is all going well until he meets Lisanne. Within minutes of her knowing him she has it sussed and I loved her reaction to it, I know it was just the reaction he needed. There is so much going on in this book that it would be near impossible to mention everything, as well as that it would of course defeat the point of you reading it for yourself! Daniel's home life is awful and I found myself constantly wanting to reach in to my Kindle to give him a little hug.

Dealing with his own personal issues on top of the fact that his parents are both not around any more and his brother is very heavily in to drugs, it is a miracle that he is even able to go to college. With Lisanne's life and past being the polar opposite of Daniel's, I felt like their relationship was just so perfectly balanced.

This read had some seriously hot and steamy scenes. I found myself constantly swooning over Daniel. There is a warning to the readers in the blurb and I do think that is necessary.. He knew fucking. He knew how to make a woman come so hard she saw stars, the galaxy, and the whole damn Milky Way. I need to feel all the emotions that the characters are going through otherwise, what is the point?

Jane makes sure we can get and feel everything. The epilogue was one my favourite things! I am a sucker for an epilogue and this one didn't disappoint. Rarely do I find myself crying happy tears but in this instance I definitely was. Overall I just loved the whole book. It is moving, different and has the most wonderful of characters Daniel in particular, of course.

This certainly isn't the first book I have read like this, in regards to the naive college girl and the hot bad boy falling in love etc. I am so looking forward to more work by Jane. Doing the happy dance above!! Awwwing, swooning and elephant shoes! I had a problem with Lis right from the start.. She was too uptight and so controling and i hated that she was acting like an angel.. But in the end i only loved her..

As the story kept progressing so did her own personality.. She still had some of her annoying traits till the end but she was in no way as frustrating as a character like in the beggining.. The way she stood on Daniel's side was admirable.. She was the per 5 big stars! She was the perfect girlfriend.. Daniel was a bit obnoxious But we learn early in the story the reason, so i was only compasionate with him..

I ended up loving the book fiercely.. Together they filled up each other's gaps.. Yes i love that he was a guy and he was saying things like that! She was the only one who could handle him, his mood swings, how stubborn he was and how rush he was acting out! A total plus! I think it help Daniel a lot, how close he felt with him.. How adorable.. Altough at first i couln't pick up their love story.. I kept reading and now they are one of my fav couples!

Mar 20, JewelsyGoolsy rated it really liked it. I originally put this book on hiatus a while back as I wasn't really excited by the sample however, I am totally obsessed with Jane Harvey-Berrick 's book: Lifers , so I returned to give this story another go! Damn I'm so glad I gave this book another go! The irony is that this story highlighted much around the quick and unfair judgements and conclusions people can make without really knowing or understanding other people and situations.

This was what I shamefully did when I first picked up this I originally put this book on hiatus a while back as I wasn't really excited by the sample however, I am totally obsessed with Jane Harvey-Berrick 's book: Lifers , so I returned to give this story another go! How very stoopid of me! Without rehashing the blurb or giving away any spoilers, I must throw my hands up in defeat to the author and apologise for being so closed minded, as well as thank her for such a heartfelt, educational and eye-opening journey that she took me on.

Effing kudos to the author for making me realise what a douche I am! I highly recommend this book to all Jane Harvey-Berrick fans as well as NA romance readers who enjoys a little more realism in their romance or want to take a break from over-the-top insta love, grand gestures and annoying MC's.

This story reads a little more YA but with some really sexy steam thrown in for good measure. A standalone novel as far as I know as I was quite happy with the epilogue due to the ages of the MC's. Why not 5 stars? Besides being quite a long story, there's nothing I can really fault about this book as it sated me in most of the elements I look for in an NA romance and I don't really have anything negative to say about it.

I guess I held back a star simply because in comparison to other books I've read and rated such as Lifers , this story didn't take me to that "must read straight away again" feeling but then again, I could be wrong View all 16 comments. May 09, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. She was hasty to judge without even realizing it. Her thoughts were exactly what most of us think when we see a person who looks or acts a certain way.

Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, but Harvey-Berrick shows just how wrong you can be if you judge at first glance. I wanted to hug him so many times when reading the book. He has been through so much in his life yet he still was still a great person, inside and out! If you are looking for a unique story about love and overcoming obstacles this is the book for you. It is live on Amazon — go get it!

View all 9 comments. May 09, Lelyana rated it it was amazing Shelves: heart-warming , steamy , stand-alone , book-boyfriend , favorites , disability , establish-couples , favorite-couples , emotional-read. This is an emotional read for me. I found almost everything in a good book. I smile, flirt, blushes, crying, sad, jealous, and most of all the feeling of empathy. Daniel Colton is a strong guy, very strong. It's only Lissane who can see that. It's funny, witty, and HOT This is my first Jane book I read, and a absolu This is an emotional read for me.

This is my first Jane book I read, and a absolutely eager to read her other books! Love it, love every minute of reading it. Jane put herself at Lisanne and Daniel's age, that's why I can feel like I'm at college age. Lis and Daniel brings us to their experiences of their life, and how they cope with every problems with their life, like their age. It's not easy for Daniel to have disability, and didn't want to show the world that you have it! He's hot, like every girls in campus throw them self to him.

But he only have eyes on a nerd, a music student, a singer, Lisanne. And it hurts. And how he protect her and how he really work hard to be with her, amazed me. He hate being different, so he act like he's not different, until one day, Lisanne found out. Daniel and Lisanne made me smile, blushes and sometimes, I hate Daniel by hiding everything, here, Jane is genius, she made me jealous, unreasonably,like Lisanne! I was crying for Daniel, thinking of how hard his life is, with such weight on his shoulder. Feel grateful he found Lisanne and her loving family to take care of him, to love him, and to hold him, with all the heart.

Even Ernie, Lis's father, who hate Daniel before for sleeping with his dear daughter. I love Rodney, he reminds me of one of my guys in Queer as Folk. And his interaction with Daniel and Lis. I love Kirsty, her room mates , she so thoughtful and the best room mates ever! And Daniel is such a dream book boyfriend! He won't let anyone make fun of Lis, harm Lis. He protect Lis from her bully High School friends, even from her own parents! Daniel is head over heels falling in love to Lis, his singer, his "baby doll" Lis was a virgin, and she wants Daniel to be her first.

Well, Daniel such a very responsible young man, he took care of Liz, and being faithful to her! Even he was famous as sex on the stick, a notorious, infamous playboy and never do girls twice! LOL view spoiler [ It will warm your heart when you know the reason why Daniel wanted to hear again. It's all because of Lisanne, because he wanted to hear music again, to hear Lis sing. Is it sweet. Could it be more clear, how much he loved her? He's so adorable I loved his dirty mouth! Edit Master Release. Electronic , Pop. Mastering gives this some nice punch too, but without swamping the original production.

Reply Notify me Helpful. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Mycure September 10, Report. In this Dead or Alive album, Clarke also made a picture in the same location but in another site to Pete Burns in a more o less similar attitude. TylerLethersin January 10, Report. So I will do the same about this album. Was it as good as youthquake? To me it was ether a match or youthquake wins by a little. Brand New Lover - now it uses the 12" Version. This 12" music video was pretty much the same as the album version, so even tho there are 2 12" mixes this is technically a 3rd mix.

The album version is just the dust monkeys mix but it's edited down to fit into the album. I'll save you all my kisses - pretty much is the same as the single Version, but has a different intro. Something In My House - now this is the oddest version. The version on the album is pretty much the same as the single version. So I'm not sure really what the real single version is but the music video uses the album version just slightly edited.

So pretty much you get versions that are very close to the single versions. Something In My House is really the only song on the album version that isn't an it's single version, because it was remixed so much. Also son of a gun was a single only in japan. It had an edit of come Inside which took out the beginning where it was attached to then there was you.

Both songs continued into each other, so it made since that they edit that out.