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Martial arts classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults. Are you tired of the same cardio workouts? Come see results and have FUN! Build character and leadership qualities. Thank you Ara Cueva. Laura Colquhoun. While the age of the moon is one factor that will determine your chance at seeing it, the altitude of the moon above the horizon is also critical; the higher above the horizon the moon is positioned right after sunset, the better your odds of making a sighting. March and especially April are the best months of the year in this regard because the ecliptic — the line in the sky along which the sun, moon and planets appear to travel — is most steeply inclined to the western horizon.

The moon always travels within several degrees of this line, so, in the springtime, an imaginary line from the sun to the moon will make a steep angle with the horizon around sunset. The farther south you travel the steeper the angle. If your local weather cooperates in April and May it may be worthwhile waiting until just after sunset and then head outside to look toward the western twilight sky.

Here is a short synopsis:. April Here is your chance to catch a view of an exceedingly thin crescent moon just 21 to 24 hours old and only about six-tenths of one percent illuminated. Carefully take note of exactly where on the west-northwest horizon the sun sets. Then, about a half-hour later, check that area of the sky about 6 degrees above and slightly to the right of where the sun had set your clenched fist measures about degrees across when held at arm's length.

Initially, you might want to use binoculars, but assuming you have a good clear sky with no tall obstructions, you should be able to catch a view of the wire-like arc of the waxing crescent moon.

Crescent moon

April The still delicately-thin crescent is a bit wider 3. Thanks to the steep angle that the ecliptic makes with the horizon, the crescent looks like a thin "smile" on the sky, tilted a bit to the left. In addition, a beautiful sight awaits you, especially if you have binoculars or a small telescope with low power. About an hour after sunset, as darkness deepens, you'll be able to see not only the lunar crescent well above the western horizon, but immediately below and to the right of the crescent will be the beautiful Pleiades star cluster.

The view through binoculars will be especially pleasing. And if you drop an imaginary line straight down from the moon and the Pleiades you'll see a bright "star" shining with a slight orange hue. But that's not a star, but the planet Mercury, in the midst of its best apparition of for evening skywatchers.

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May Here is your opportunity to try for an observation that conceivably could get you into the record books. The moon is New at a. EDT on this date. At sunset that evening, the moon will be positioned 6-degrees directly above where the sun has just set.

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It will be an exceedingly narrow sliver of light; just two-tenths of one percent of its disk will be illuminated and as such it will appear as a mere short arc of faint light extending less than one-quarter of a way along the lunar limb. This will be just over hours after New phase for the U. This crescent moon tattoo is depicted in the colors of a sunset with a black cat sitting on its bottom tip. Adding a cat increases the symbolism, as they tend to be associated with witchcraft or goddesses.

In this tattoo, the crescent moon is depicted as thin line-art with dots on either tip for shading. There are also lily flowers affixed to the bottom, emphasizing the femininity and divinity of the moon. This tattoo is a small line-art crescent moon done in a white ink technique on the ring finger.

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By putting the small tattoo in white ink, it becomes more delicate and feminine than the classic black line-art. The pictured tattoo is a simple crescent moon outline tattoo filled in with some dots and shading, adding a sense of texture.


The thicker outline of the crescent uses a dark ink technique that relies on heavy amounts of black. This tattoo of a crescent moon surrounded by starbursts and dots in different colors is a great way of showing how customizable the tattoo can be. By adding bright colors and using simple lines, the tattoo takes on an almost cartoonish effect.

Next up: How to take care of a tattoo, according to a rapper and tattoo artist. Byrdie uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Byrdie, you accept our. Keep scrolling to see 10 amazing crescent moon tattoos. Mid-Size Ankle Crescent Moon. Crescent Moon with a Small Hand.