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The prairie regions feature a variety of grass types, particularly Indiangrass Sorghastrum nutans , big bluestem Andropogon gerardii , little bluestem Schizachyrium scoparium , and switchgrass Panicum virgatum. Typical varieties of birds along the length of the system include ducks , geese , and seagulls with many other species found in particular locations. Apart from the many varieties of bird species, many other types of animals can be found along the trails. American alligators , bobcats , coyotes , and nutria are common in areas of the Upper Coast. Nine-banded armadillos and white-tailed deer can be seen throughout.

Within each section there are 43 "loops," hiking and driving trails containing specific birding sites ranging from parks and observatories to nature preserves and wildlife refuges. Some venues are particularly well known for specific viewing opportunities. The Bolivar Flats area is especially well known for its abundance of shorebirds.

The loops of the Lower Coast feature a variety of snowbirds from Canada and the northern U. Along the coast near Port Arthur one can find pelicans , cormorants , horned grebes , orioles , Cape May warblers , and laughing gulls. The Piney Woods area of the Upper Coast section is home to species such as red-cockaded woodpeckers , bald eagles , Bachman's sparrows , the great crested flycatcher , the pine warbler , the red-shouldered hawk , and the barred owl among many others. The Central Coast section offers many bird species of its own.

The Matagorda Bay area contains American oystercatchers , Hudsonian godwits , and white-rumped sandpipers. The Corpus Christi area features groove-billed anis , olive sparrows , long-billed thrashers , Couch's kingbird , black skimmers , and black-crowned night herons. The Lower Coast section which lies around the Rio Grande offers its own species diversity. Further up the Rio Grande around Santa Ana and McAllen one can find elf owls , white-tipped doves , green jays , green kingfishers , and Mississippi kite.

The trail systems lie in and around numerous communities along the coast, many of which specifically cater to ecotourists. Annual nature festivals are held in Rockport , Port Aransas, McAllen , Galveston , Harlingen , and Mission attracting large numbers of visitors each year. The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail is a state-designated system of trails, bird sanctuaries, and nature preserves along the entire length of the Texas Gulf Coast in the United States. In addition the various sites c.

The trail promotes birdwatching, environmental education and ecotourism. The trail is divided into four sections Panhandle, West, Eastern, and South each containing at least two 'gateway' sites. Within each section the sites are grouped into clusters. Usually the sites in a cluster are within an hour's drive of each other. Many of the state's species can be found along the trail, including the roseate spoonbill, limpkin, swallow-tailed kite, red-cockaded woodpecker, smo.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. It is located on the shore of Galveston Bay. The park belongs to the Seabrook Trail System and includes undeveloped and restored woodlands, salt marshes and several species of wildlife. The park Though the park has some traditional recreational facilities it also features a great deal of largely undeveloped and restored woodlands and salt marshes which offer habitats for numerous animal species. As part of this system the park is part of a larger collection of wildlife habitats in Seabrook which are all near the much larger Armand Bayou Nature Center.

The park is also part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, which includes bird watching sites, sanctuaries, and trails along the entire Texas Gulf Coast. Park wildlife includes American alligators, herons, king rails, white-tailed deer, nine-banded armadil. State wildlife trails in the United States are state-sponsored systems of hiking and driving trails developed for the benefit of birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts.

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They have been created and maintained by state governments or other state-level entities, both to promote ecology and to promote tourism. The term "trail" used in the names of most of these systems is, in general, a misnomer as that these trail networks are not single routes and are connected by motorways. These wildlife trail systems typically cover multiple wildlife viewing sites covering large areas of their respective states.

Viewing sites may include nature preserves, state parks, national parks, and other venues. Apart from these state-maintained trail networks, some nature-advocacy groups and other entities have defined their own "trails" a notable example being the. The center also includes the "Martyn", "Karankawa", "Marsh", "Lady Bird" named after Lady Bird Johnson and "Prairie" nature trails that allow visitors to see forest, prairie, marsh and natural bayou habitats once common in the Houston and Galveston region.

The nature center is home to more than species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Over species of birds reside or rely on the center as a safe resting-place on their migratory journeys. Clear Lake is relatively affluent with a thriving business community. The area's most important business sectors are aerospace and tourism. It is home to the Johnson Space Center and numerous aerospace contracting firms. The lake itself is home to one of the largest concentrations of recreational boats and marinas in the nation. Apart from referring to the lake itself or the region defined by the.

The Texas City Prairie Preserve is a 2,acre 9. The remainder of the preserve is closed but available for tours and access at the discretion of preserve staff, including birding events[3] and volunteer events[4]. The preserve is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, a network of preserves and trails along the Texas coas.

Fish and Wildlife Service, and the local communities in which the parks reside. Features Encompassing over 10,acres of preserved land square miles extending along a mile river corridor between the small town of Roma, Texas, and the outer barrier island of South Padre Island, the park system hosts a large amount of native biodiversity with over recorded species of birds, and serves as potential habitat for locally endangered wild cat species such as the ocelot[2] and jaguarundi,[3] as well as sanctuary for much of the other flora and.

Rollover Pass Gilchrist, Galveston County, Texas also called Rollover Fish Pass is part of a low-elevation area and was subject to overflow during high tides or storms. The intent was to increase bay water salinity, promote growth of submerged vegetation, and help marine fish to and from spawning and feeding areas in the bay.

Large cement walls frame the Gulf side southeast of Texas Highway 87 and steel bulkheads contain the sides of the Rollover Bay side northwest of the highway. Rollover Pass earned its name from the prac. Located on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay, Texas City is a busy deepwater port on Texas' Gulf Coast, as well as a petroleum-refining and petrochemical-manufacturing center.

The population was 48, in , making it the third-largest city in Galveston County, behind League City and Galveston. The city is notable as the site of a major explosion in that demolished the port and much of the city. History Three duck hunters in noted that a location along Galveston Bay, known locally as Shoal Point, had the potential to become a major port.

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Shoal Point had existed since the s, when veterans of the Texas Revolution were awarded land for their services. The name was applied to the community when a post office opened in Established in , this wildlife refuge is located on the upper Texas Coast in Chambers County. The refuge offers opportunities for fishing, waterfowl hunting, paddling, and wildlife viewing. A large network of volunteers contributes thousands of hours in support of the refuge. In the winter, the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge hosts large concentrations of waterfowl making it a popular site for public hunting.

Far West Texas

Other signature species are American alligator, bobcat, yellow rail, and purple gallinule. Birdwatchers find the refuge an excellent place to observe neotropical migrants in the spring and fall. Other species sough. It is located in parts of Aransas, Refugio, and Calhoun counties. Roosevelt as the Aransas Migratory Waterfowl Refuge as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife. Roosevelt issued a proclamation in changing the name to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. They built roads, ditches, firebreaks, and the residence facilities for the refuge.

They constructed part of the spillway for Burgentine Lake, which serves as a major resting area for migratory waterfowl.

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They also graded the road to Austwell. It is along the northern banks and reaches of the Lower Rio Grande, north of the Mexico—United States international border. However, the diversity within these fragments adds up to a significant 1, species of native plants, species of vertebrates including nearly bird species , and species of butterflies. Eleven different biological communities exist on the National Wildlife Refuge, from the Chihuahuan Desert thorn forest to tidal wetlands. Wildlife include the rare ocelot, northern caracara, Mexican bluewing butterfly Myscelia ethusa , great kiskadee, red-billed pigeon, Altamira oriole, ringed kingfisher and green jay.

The refuge is designated as part of the Great Texas Coastal Bird. Seabrook is a city in Harris County in the U. The population was 11, at the census. The city is home to several miles of trails, which connect multiple city parks to each other.


History Seabrook is known for its fish markets on Waterfront Drive where resident shrimpers and fishermen bring in their catches daily. Besides bordering the bay, the city encompasses marshes through which runoff from inland fields drain to the bay. The piece of land was purchased by Seabrook W. Sydnor in The new town attracted fishermen, merchants and even a few residents. The Galveston Hurricane of demolished the local school, but by it was restored and was run by three teachers who ta.

Brownsville is a city in Cameron County in the U. The city covers It is the st-largest city in the United States and 16th-largest in Texas. It is part of the Brownsville—Matamoros conurbation, with a population of 1,, people. The city is known for its year-round subtropical climate, deep-water seaport and Hispanic culture.

The city was founded in by American entrepreneur Charles Stillman after he developed a successful river boat company nearby. It was named after Major Jacob Brown, who fought and died while serving as a U. Army soldier during the Mexican—American War — As the city is the seat of government for the county of Cameron, the city and county government are major employers. Other primary employers fall within the service, trade and manufacturing industries, including a growing.

Segments of US will be upgraded to Interstate 14 I ; the first Just outside Eldorado was where the raid of the Yearning for Zion Ranch gained national attention. Continuing on a nort. The Beaumont Botanical Gardens An extra benefit is that the gardens are located in a migratory bird flyway. Hours and accessibility The outdoor gardens are open to the public every day during daylight hours at no charge; while the conservatory is open Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm from April through October and noon to 4 pm November through March.

Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail

A large meeting center is also on the grounds. It is located on a acre 1. The City of Baytown created this Nature Center in History View of the wetland trails The Baytown Nature Center was, for many years, a highly desirable residential neighborhood known as Brownwood with nearly substantial homes on a acre 2. Afterwards, subsidence became a serious problem as industrial and municipal water users along the Houston Ship Channel.

Tyrrell Park is a municipal park located in Beaumont, Texas. The park has an area of around acres 2. It includes the eighteen hole Henry Homberg Golf Course; the Beaumont Botanical Gardens and Warren Loose Conservatory, the second largest public conservatory in Texas; a hiking trail; an equestrian center; and facilities for several sports and outdoor activities. Tyrrell Park In Captain W. Tyrrell donated roughly acres of land in downtown Beaumont to the city to be used as a park.

Normally the term refers to the mainland communities around the bay and excludes Galveston as well as most of Houston. Originally part of the pirate kingdom of Jean Lafitte, this area played a role in the early history of Texas having been the site of some early rebellions against Mexican rule and the site of the victory of the Texas army over the Mexican army during the Texas Revolution.

Ranching interests became early economic drivers around the bay. As the nearby cities of Galveston and Houston developed as commercial centers, the Bay Area communities became part of a principal commercial corridor between the cities. Johnson Space Center which houses the Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Center. The City of Hou. Geographically located in the South Central region of the country, Texas shares borders with the U. Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth largest in the U.

Vacation in Angelina National Forest in East Texas

Does visiting some of the most well-known coastal birding sites in Texas sound appealing to you, or would you rather visit some off-the-beaten-path local birding hotspots? The coastal birding trail has it all. Plus, conveniences such as boardwalks, parking pullouts, observation platforms, and landscaping to attract native wildlife allow you to get closer to see Texas's breathtaking birds.

This Upper Coast map covers driving loops from the Louisiana border, through the Houston and Beaumont coastal areas, and down to Brazosport and features distinct birding sites, along with information such as the species found at each site and best times of year to visit. This Central Coast map starts near Matagorda Bay, traveling through the Victoria and Corpus Christi areas, and ends just south of Kingsville and features 97 distinct birding sites, along with information such as the species found at each site and best times of year to visit.

This Lower Coast map encompasses the southern tip of Texas along the border with Mexico, from South Padre Island, through Brownsville, Harlingen, and McAllen, and west towards Laredo and features 88 distinct birding sites, along with information such as the species found at each site and best times of year to visit. The Texas Panhandle's best outdoor wildlife viewing areas are now easy for you to find with the Panhandle Plains Wildlife Viewing Trails map. This map not only steers you to great locales to see the birds and other animals of the Panhandle, it also shows you the best places to experience the wide open spaces of West Texas.

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