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Is it just for believers, or would praying be a fruitful habit for everyone? Ladd, co-author, "The Psychology of Prayer". Joy J. Moore, professor of preaching. Deepak Chopra, physician and author. Please upgrade your browser.

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See next articles. The Opinion Pages. I have no problem with 'prayer' as silent self-reflection. The risk is to think someone else is hearing your thoughts and acting on them. Should Atheists Pray? Related Discussions. New Terms for Nafta? Each person was asked to pray for a few minutes per day for forty days during September and October They were praying for God to reveal himself to them. Some prayed for the entire 40 days, some prayed sporadically during the time frame, and some stopped praying after a period of time.

Justin is joined by Tim Mawson and several of the participants. Results Show 1.

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Results Show 2. I am married to an atheist and together we have listened to your show since nearly the beginning. I have always fought against believing in God, always hearing that science and God can't mix. I tried and tried to not believe but I have always been drawn back in.

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I flip-flopped between fierce atheist to wishy-washy occasional Christian. I guess I felt ashamed wanting to believe so I would look for reasons and excuses not to. I would seek out anything related to Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and others and sort of make fun of believers.

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All the while I was conflicted. I then heard about the experiment and decided to test God once and for all. I also tried to get my husband to do the experiment but he refused. I think I was hoping he would join me so I could use the experiment kind of as a way to just admit it. I then realised that I could no longer live without God.

With God I feel like I have hope and positivity. I feel safe. I feel like I have direction.

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I found that when I was an atheist I felt lost and alone. I just couldn't deny my belief any longer.

And so now thanks to you, your podcast and the experiment I have decided to commit my life to God. I have found peace and meaning. No one in my family attends church so I know this will be a bit of a struggle. My husband is supportive thankfully since our 11 year-old daughter has also decided that she wants to be a Christian as well.

Until recently we weren't really pointing her in any specific faith journey. Once I decided to come out as a Christian she actually told me she was one as well but was afraid to say anything about it. Andrew is married to a Christian and often attends church but does not believe. He talks to Justin about his experience.