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Coffee Confidential

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A cappuccino in France in an espresso with some steamed milk, milk foam, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top. Or iced tea. France just has milk. What kind?

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When it comes to sweeteners, America subscribes to quantity over quality. In France, beautifully wrapped sugar cubes are a tasty and tasteful accessory. And once again, it was fantastic.

5 Ways You're Drinking Coffee Wrong

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The frothy milk of a cappuccino towers above the rim of the cup whereas this is where it ends with a flat white — flat, just as the name says. How to make a flat white: pour a double ristretto into a cup and then fill it up to the rim with lightly frothed milk. Cold brewed coffee is a global trend. The special method of preparing cold brew makes it taste fruity.

Cafés in Reykjavik | A Guide to Icelandic Coffee Culture

Top baristas from around the world like to jazz up cold brew by adding creative ingredients such as tonic water or rhubarb juice. First, you have to mix the freshly ground coffee in equal parts with cold water in a vessel of your choice. Leave the coffee to brew for at least 12 hours in a container with a lid at room temperature. Then sieve the mixture and add a few ice cubes and a straw to complete the cold brew coffee. Latte art consists of small works of art in coffee cups and has to be learnt.

3 Tips to Enjoy Your First Black Coffee

To present the perfect coffee, you need frothy milk with the right consistency, a good pouring technique and the appropriate coffee cup. In addition to the right technique, it also comes down to the accessories and lots of practice.

Coffee 101: The Origin of Coffee

The most important basis for latte art is the consistency of the frothy milk. Remove the condensed water by releasing it through the steam valve and then dip the milk nozzle into the pot.

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Now turn on the steam and keep it just below the milk surface. This removes the larger air bubbles in the milk. To do so, immerse the nozzle deep into the milk until the milk rotates around the jug. The perfect frothy milk now just has to make it to the cup. A milk jug with a pointed spout is perfect for pouring.

Place the jug on the rim of the cup and pour in the milk with a fine, continuous flow. You can start drawing as soon as the milk rises back to the surface of the coffee.

Minas Espresso Inc. | Brazilian Coffee Roaster | Online Coffee Store

To make sure you have enough space for great latte art, the coffee cup should have a wider diameter. Heat the cups beforehand so that they stay warm for longer and you can enjoy the work of art in peace before drinking it. There are a number of ways to make coffee: with an automatic coffee machine, espresso machine, filter cone, etc. A coffee grinder and milk frother make the perfect coffee experience even more delicious. All you have to do is decide: coffee or tea?